How Addressing Basic Mobility Problem Will Prevent Traffic Congestion in The US

The Eastern US has the Statue of Liberty and amazing historic landmarks. The United States of America began in the East Coast with towns. Boston and Philadelphia, feature attractions to quench the thirst of tourists and reveals the colonial past of the nation.

Widespread goals

Comparing the Western USA popular destinations, the East destinations are close to one another that all the places can be covered in a two week time. Traveling places is appealing, but with the traffic congestion in these growing and large metropolitan areas has become inescapable. The congestions in peak hours are due to the modern societies operating systems. The desires of people have become widespread that pursuing certain goals results in overloading the everyday transit systems and the existing roads. The pitiful part is that everyone dislikes traffic congestion and despite attempted remedies, it is getting worse.

Basic mobility problem

Commuters get frustrated with the policymakers inability to resolve the parking problems and day by day it poses a threat to traveling. Even the governments today cannot eliminate the road congestions. Traffic congestion is not the key problem. In fact, a proper solution to resolve the basic mobility problem may be helpful. This is because too many people move each day at the same day and this is because the efficient operations of the school systems and the economy require going to school, people working and running errands at the same hours to enable interaction. This essential requirement exists in all the major metropolitan areas, crippling the traffic at peak hours.

People in the United States also move during the rush hours taking their private vehicles. The Americans residing in the areas of low density are not served efficiently by public transit and so there is a need for the private vehicles owners to bring out their vehicles to reach their destinations. Another reason is that the private owned vehicles are more private, faster comfortable, flexible and convenient that in one trip many things are covered. Moreover, with the incomes rising, more and more people move from less expensive transport modes to private owned vehicles.

Possible Improvements

Here are few possible improvements to prevent traffic congestion such as: