The Best Layout And Equipment For Your Primary School

There are several factors you have to take into consideration for primary school playground equipment to be a success. You need to offer plenty of variety and it needs to be a good match for that age group. You also need to think about overall safety and how long it will last. What will the cost be and will you need to budget for regular maintenance to keep it functional?

It is important to look at plenty of options before you dive in. You need the money you spend for primary school playground equipment to be a good investment. Recess is important to children in this age group. It helps them to burn off excess energy, allowing them to focus better in the classroom. It also helps them engage in physical activity on a regular basis, which is important.

Age Appropriate

Identify the age group for the children at the school. The primary school playground equipment needs to be designed with them specifically in mind. This includes the types of activities and how high they are. It also needs to apply to factors such a how far apart the steps are and other details. Working with a professional service can ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Safe and Fun

While you want the primary school playground equipment to offer the children plenty of fun, you also need it to be safe. You don't want to take unnecessary risks that they can get hurt. While accidents do happen, you need to do all you can eliminate factors that could increase them. Find equipment that is well known for being safe.


Children have short attention spans, and they will quickly get bored with primary school playground equipment if it is too limited. Make sure the layout offers plenty of variety for the kids. They should be able to explore, to be creative, and to have a great time out there. They should look forward to recess time! Even with a small playground, there are options.


Making a investment that will offer value to the kids for years to come is important. Most schools don't have the budget to replace or repair primary school playground equipment on a regular basis. With that in mind, they have to be selective about what they get and how much they pay for it.

The types of materials such equipment is made from does matter. Children can be rough and tough out there on the playground. If the items aren't made from the best materials, they are going to get damaged fast. Try to go with materials that don't get hot to the touch in the sunlight either. When the temperatures soar, a hot piece of equipment can prove to be dangerous.

The cost will depend on what you buy, what it is made from, and who you get the items from. Spend some time finding the best providers, work closely with them, and identify the best outcome for the kids and the cost. Then all involved will feel great about the process that will take place. It will all be worth it to see those children out there enjoying it to the fullest!

The provider should be able to give you an estimate of the cost before you move forward. This will be based on the amount of equipment and the layout. The cost should also show the price for the delivery and the installation. Make sure you aren't overpaying for those piece of the puzzle when you compare prices and shop around. You want the best overall value.