Water Fun in Dubai

Dubai is a desert city situated on the Persian Gulf coast. Its endless kilometers of white sandy beaches make it a perfect spot for thrilling water activities. Aside from sunbathing, aqua sports are another reason behind the crowded beaches of Dubai. In fact, many beaches are named after the popular sport of that area such as Kitesurfing beach.

As the coastline is expanding, aqua sports in this city are becoming a thing and biggest attraction for foreign tourists. There is no doubt that people come from all around the world to enjoy the best water activities in Dubai.

Let's check out some ways of having water in Dubai:

1. Banana Boat

You must have eaten banana many times but now it's time to have a banana boat ride in Dubai! Banana boat is a tube-like recreational boat that can accommodate 3 to 10 riders. The riders sit on the middle tube while using the small lateral tubes for feet support. The best part about this boat is that you can ride it with your whole family to have some true fun.

2. Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is another popular water sports in Dubai. First timers should get a proper one-on-one tuition to know all rules and tricks of kitesurfing. It's a tricky activity that needs riders to learn about how to handle the wind direction and maintain balance on the board. Riders are tied to the kite that increases the pressure and helps riders to increase their speed on the water.

3. Wakeboarding

Here comes an activity to satisfy the high adrenaline of water lovers. This sport requires boarders to gather their strength as much as possible to get started. Wakeboarding involves a single board that can be strapped to rider's feet. This board is then pulled along on the water surface by a speedboat. It might seem simple to many people as there is nothing much to do except stand on the board. But, it's actually pretty difficult because maintaining an upright posture while wind pressure is high enough to make you fall is not easy at all.

4. Snorkeling

Want to swim with beautiful water creatures? Go Dubai and do snorkeling! Snorkeling is a type of swimming that is done through water bodies while wearing a diving mask and swim-fins. It's the best activity for crazy lovers of water creatures who want to see the mesmerizing aqua life from close.

5. Surfing

Dubai is no doubt a perfect spot for surfing due to sufficient wind and thrilling water waves. There are many man-made surf pools that allow beginners to polish their skills under a proper protection and guidance before they land in the huge waves of Persian Gulf.

6. Jet Skiing

For elite class dudes and ladies, Dubai offers an opportunity to land in the water with latest models of Jet Ski. It's similar to riding a bike, the only difference is the surface!

So, visit Dubai and get ready to have some thrilling fun in the water with your family and friends!