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Who makes 7 to 8 figures a year? What do they do? We'll delve into who does this and how you can copy them.

Yes you need to do what top traders and top trading firms DO first - then your own personality will emerge and shape your trading into its own style. But you need to copy success first - this is especially important in trading.

In fact, in order to consistently make 5 or 6 figures you are going to have to formalize your trading approach, making that approach very organized, systematized and consistently executed.

You see most people look at trading, investing, 'stock picking', Forex trading as some silly game just one step up from gambling. Why is that when trading can be one of if not the most profitable and reliable businesses in the world? No matter what's going on in the economy there is always a market to trade and there is always some sort of movement to exploit in Forex, always!

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If you want something you need to take action to go get it. You need to state what you want and simply go get it. You need to keep it simple like that in order to actually accomplish what you want.

We will expand your thinking and help set your mind on the right track to actually winning. And again we define winning as making money in Forex, keeping that money and growing that money -- netting out continual and ever-growing profits through the systematic trading the Forex just like any other real-world business.

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