5 Reasons Why Luxury Hotels in Lonavala Are On The Rise

Lonavala is becoming the luxury vacation choice for all Mumbaikars' and Punekars'.

In fact, according to research, over the last five to ten years, luxury hotels in Lonavala have grown faster in popularity than casual holiday based homes. Moreover, the trend of luxury hotels in Lonavala shows no signs of slowing down with the increasing number of tourist visiting every year.

Luxury hotels and 5-star resorts in Lonavala are constantly updating their offerings and providing almost unlimited itinerary options for travellers so it comes as no surprise that they are offering exceptional vacation experiences to visitors.

Here are 5 reasons why luxury hotels in Lonavala are on the rise:

1. Vacation Variety

Over the past few years, luxury vacation options have continued to evolve in Lonavala. Today, there is a leisure and luxury for every kind of traveller. Whether it's family and kids or a simple business traveller - there's luxury experience for every travel desire.

2. Affordable On Pocket

Luxury hotels in Lonavala offer the best bang for your buck, as compared to other vacation options. In addition to meals and accommodations that are typically included in the budget, 5-star hotels in Lonavala also allow travellers to see various destinations in one trip, and for a reasonable cost.

3. Never a Dull Moment

Many luxury hotels in Lonavala offer a variety of onboard activities to keep travellers entertained, day or night. From relaxing swimming pool, library, shopping outlets and variety of indoor games, the offerings are diverse and abundant.

4. A Healthier Vacation

With a growing emphasis on health and well-being, luxury resorts in Lonavala offer a wide variety of health benefits. From onboard fitness health club to spa treatments, there's a way for everyone to stay healthy in both mind and body while on a vacation.

5. Exceptional Customer Service

It's hard to please everyone when it comes to vacationing, but 5-star resorts in Lonavala are designed to appeal to every traveller from toddlers to seniors. From family reunions to the family vacation of a lifetime to important business meeting, luxury hotels offer exceptional customer service to meet all your needs.

Luxury hotels in Lonavala are riding the wave of transformation that's taken over the travel industry. They are using the latest hotel marketing methodology that's dependent upon social media, most commonly via Facebook and Twitter. This helps them stay on top of the customer's mind, be it any day, any season.