Challenges That Healthureum Hopes to Eliminate to Ensure Consistency, Affordability, Transparency

Affordability in the healthcare sector is an issue that has cost a lot of lives and money. Many people are persuaded that cheap hospitals give drugs that are the same with the ones given in public or high-end clinics, but the differences are very clear. Majority of the medicine found in a wide range of pharmacies and clinics are fake and were made with the wrong ingredients. The affordability of healthcare also encompasses the lack of medical facilities in a region.

It is the twenty-first century, and a lot of people will have to trek at least five miles while ailing only to get medical attention. Indeed, even after locating a healthcare center, they are always poverty-stricken and can't bear the cost of emergency healthcare services. Loan sharks and insurance companies take this opportunity to attract potential customers. In their state of desperation, most patients end up signing agreements that make them lose most of their properties if not all.

The absence of transparency has likewise played a part in ensuring that healthcare facilities don't make the normal dynamic moves involved in their mission. The philanthropist has likewise pulled back their funds based on the absence of accountability form the healthcare institutions. The probity of healthcare centers is additionally dented by the absence of transparency with regards to billing. 10 percent of all charges are an aftereffect of overbilling or charging of services not rendered.

These two difficulties further hinder the consistent operation of healthcare companies in delivering quality healthcare services to the general public. However, healthureum has various ways of addressing these issues and guarantee that healthcare centers will regain their uprightness and serve the general population better. Discussed below are some of them:

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology of healthureum has already been embraced by numerous healthcare organizations in Illinois as well as India. Blockchain will help link healthcare organizations from around the globe through the ecosystem of healthureum. Unlike the EHR frameworks utilized in healthcare centers nowadays, blockchain is tamperproof therefore ensuring the security of healthcare data and records.

Also, information will be recorded sequentially thereby enhancing its distribution among various healthcare centers. With expanded interoperability, healthcare centers will have the capacity to give quality medical help to people staying in remote areas by means of online consultation, therefore increasing the affordability level of quality healthcare services. Blockchain-based technology will likewise be utilized in the recognition of fake medicines and illegal or underqualified specialists, thus promoting transparency in the system.

Smart Contract

The smart contract technology is almost the same as blockchain. Smart Contract also enhances transparency in the area of healthcare, but it does so in a different way. This technology is utilized by healthureum to help in the confirmation of all transactions carried out on the blockchain technology. All things considered, payment made to insurance companies or medical facilities can be tracked, and well-wishers can acquire some genuinely needed accountability in regards to the resources they give to healthcare organizations.

Smart Contract will likewise help in reducing fraud in the area of healthcare, which influences both the consistency and affordability of healthcare services. This creative system works by mutual understanding, and each contract terms must be fulfilled before ending the contract. Also, with the help of blockchain, patients will have the ability to see their treatment plan and the services they got before paying their bills.

Supporting Research Programs

As discussed earlier, research programs form a major part of the healthcare system. Without research works, it would be difficult to track the trends illness take as their prevalence rises. Also, the chances of getting a cure for some chronic and intense diseases are exponentially reduced too. Healthureum will promote research programs targeted at finding medicines for some of these clutters and make use of the healthureum tokens to reward the healthcare professionals that are involved in clinical tests.


The project of healthureum will likewise reward patients with a similar coinage if they are willing to contribute part or even all their medical information for the purpose of research. These rewards will act as inspiration for both medical practitioners and patients and also promote a sense of transparency in the system.

We believe this article has really shown how healthureum will promote consistency, transparency, and affordability of the healthcare system. With better and productive research centers in place, various healthcare institutions across the globe will have the capacity to gain some consistency and courage in the battle against major ailments and the circulation of medical service.