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Oracle initially established its certification program, there was only one name and acronym: Certified Professional (OCP Abridged). However, several years ago, the company broke the program into four different levels of certification, each with its own title and acronym. This article looks at each level and some of the differences between what they mean and what is needed to achieve them.

OCA - Certified Associate

Oracle Certified Associate is an entry-level certification. Oracle Education address these certifications to people familiar with or one to two years experience in the tested area. For candidates who have obtained this certification without any work experience, it is expected that they have knowledge of basic demonstrated and can be expected to perform satisfactorily under control.

Oracle Certified Professional designation is the next step for the candidates who obtained the OCA certification. Education address these certifications for those three to five years of experience working with Oracle in the tested area that can perform most operations without supervision. The certification is not really meant for applicants who have no experience of . Candidates who have done have been certified demonstrated a deeper knowledge of the fundamentals in the region and are able to work without supervision.

oracle training institutes in vaishali - The OCP certification is based on the Oracle Certified Associate level and require that a candidate takes one or two exams passed OCA requirement. Some of OCP-level certifications are also provided practical training. The tests for certifications with OCP tend to decrease slightly the range of subjects and require more knowledge to respond. The aim of the studies is that candidates have a thorough knowledge of the subjects tested and can be used successfully.

Certified Expert designation is the strange man. In a sense, the next step of OCP level, but is entirely outside the hierarchy of certificates. ECA's research focuses niche areas of expertise. They are meant to show a high degree of competence in a very narrow field. These certifications help to determine the area of specialization of a candidate. This is not a step in the OCA-level OCP-COM, but it helps to become an OCA or OCP certification.

oracle training institute in Ghaziabad - The OCE certifications require a single test and have no requirements or practical training. Testing certifications experts a very narrow area to a considerable depth. The purpose of the test is to demonstrate that the candidate has considerable expertise in this field.

OCM - Certified Master

Oracle Certified Master designation is the highest level of certification offered by Oracle. It is based on the OCP designation to be a candidate for an OCP, to attend two courses of advanced practical training and pass a practical exam two days of practice. Education address this certification for candidates with a minimum of six years experience in the management of Oracle databases. Candidates who pass the OCM certification have demonstrated the ability to deliver enterprise-class databases.