In-house QuickBooks Server or QuickBooks Cloud Server?

Plenty of businesses including, small, medium, and enterprises are efficiently enriching their business processes by engaging with QuickBooks hosting solutions which are proved to be a boon for small businesses. Setting up an in-house physical infrastructure is not an easy task for small business respective to budgetary constraints. Also, the maintenance of server hardware costs a lot which simply affects the future investment goals of SMBs. On contrary, QuickBooks cloud server saves businesses from the effort of outsourcing experts to maintain their in-house server. The hosted solution is a gateway to freedom, security, and reliability.

It is important for users to understand the actual differences between both. QuickBooks server is situated inside the business premises itself and allow business to save the data using a simple installation process over the server. Whereas, no installation in the user's premises actually done if business integrates their data with QuickBooks cloud server. Using QuickBooks hosting, a user can access their data online via remote services and can connect with multiple team members at the same time as well. Functionalities of both platforms are similar but, features are lot different.

However, choosing an appropriate hosting provider matters a lot. Most of the times due to not so profound third party, businesses thought that hosted application is waste of time & money, in turns, move forward to set up in-house server. In order to make difference a little easier to understand, we're measuring two options on the basis of their feasibility & convenience practices,

Fulfills Small Business Requirements

Usually, every small business starts up with limited resources & budget which makes an in-house physical infrastructure for the server a hard desire for them. However, the number of clients & employees are also few which doesn't arise the need of having own QuickBooks server. Such businesses can manage & track their business data using QuickBooks hosting services and can expand business smoothly.

Solve Technical Issues In Minutes

Business who rely on the cloud server benefitted with easy setup process & complete maintenance responsibility by the hosting provider which is a never happening dream in case of in-house QuickBooks server. Experts take care of the fact that user is getting seamless support from their side and thus conveys business continuity alike promises to businesses.

Sufficient Backup Storage

Relying upon in-house infrastructure means that businesses have to back up the data on their own whereas, with cloud-based QuickBooks, all the data is being backed up on a daily basis which saves a duplicate copy of the data every time in the server. In-house setup asks you to take complete responsibility to secure your data from any kind of calamity or disaster.

Proposal To Use Time & Money Wisely

The hosting option offers a great deal in which a user doesn't need to install bulky server & hire technical experts to handle the maintenance part. The remote hosting is a complete portal where data can be accessed, tracked, and shared over cloud network effortlessly. Whether client's requirements are massive or not, a business can offer seamless support by simply adding or deleting the services & users.


After juggling a lot between both the options, their features & functionalities, QuickBooks hosting is the real player for all kind of businesses. However, enterprises can take benefits from the in-house server that too if they've IT department in the business premises. 24*7 technical assistance, instant data back-ups, efficient Add-ons, and freedom of accessibility are some perks that mainly small businesses can avail by mitigating their data on the cloud.