Get to Mesmerising Places With Cheap Holidays to Marmaris

Characterised by a pleasant Mediterranean climate, Marmaris is located in the south-western part of Turkey along the Turkish Riviera's shoreline. It was a tiny fishing village until the late 20th century. In recent times, it has been transformed into a popular tourist destination owing to the construction boom that began in the 1980s. This Turkish port city got its name during the 13th century when the region was ruled by tribal chieftains. Among the structures that stand testimony to the glorious history of this city is Marmaris Castle, which survived the 1957 Fethiye earthquakes that had nearly destroyed the city.

Marmaris experiences a mild winter, warm autumn and spring, and an extremely hot summer. If you are someone who wants to spend your Marmaris holidays mostly on its beaches under the sun, the best time to visit this city would be in July or August. However, you'll have to stay indoors in the afternoon to avoid getting sunstroke. If you're looking for a cooler season with pleasant daytime temperatures to indulge in your favourite activities, the months of May, June and September would be the ideal times. During these months you can get outdoors without worrying about rains or the scorching sun.

One of the ideal places to visit during your cheap holidays to Marmaris is the marina, where you can have a leisurely stroll and witness a lively atmosphere with some musical performances. The waterfront also has some elegant restaurants for a fabulous dining experience. After sunset, the dancing fountains display an amazing spectacle of coloured lights with water timed to music. If you wish to enjoy a trek through the rocky trails and panoramic views, a tour of Marmaris Mountains is highly recommended. You'll also get the chance to watch spectacular waterfalls and a breath-taking sunset during this tour.

You can get some insights on the interesting history of this city while exploring the museum located in the Marmaris Castle. In order to see the entire museum and its wonderful exhibits and collections of artefacts, you'll need about three hours. You can also enjoy some stunning views of the surroundings from the castle. Another place worth visiting during your cheap Marmaris holidays is the Icmeler Beach, as it has soft sands and shallow, crystal-clear waters. The Carian Rock Tombs also attract a lot of visitors owing to their intricate carvings. Only boats can be used to explore them, which is an initiative by the authorities to preserve these carvings.

While holidaying in the city, you'll also get to taste the popular Turkish dishes in its restaurants. Most of them originated during the times of the Ottoman Empire, and are largely inspired by the Central Asian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisines. For starters, you can have a chickpea dip called Hummus or Borek that's prepared using layers of dough stuffed with vegetables, meat, and cheese. Main dishes that are commonly eaten include lamb casserole called Kuzu Guvec, lamb kebabs, and meatballs called Kofte that are made using minced meat, onion, and a variety of other ingredients.