Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoins With Credit Card

Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Are you looking for the way to buy bitcoins with a credit card? Wondering where to start? This decentralized currency has been up and down. Many think that it is a good example of the place for hackers, fraudsters, and scammers to be involving in the cybercrime world. On the contrary, Bitcoin has been accepted in many popular sites like Expedia, Overstock, Virgin Galactic, Zynga, and even Subway. All of them accept payments in Bitcoin now.

For many people, Bitcoin has tons of benefits over the other currencies. It allows the users to send someone the bitcoins without going through the bank. It is much faster than conventional payments like a wire transfer. You can send and receive Bitcoins in seconds. For sending the Bitcoins to other users, you will have to deposit the money into it first. Here is where the challenge obstructs. Many find that buying Bitcoins with a credit card is not doable. But in fact, the credit card can come in handy if you need to fill the coins often. We are going to tell you how to get the bitcoin with the credit card, as well as some popular places to do this.

Can you buy bitcoin with credit card?

The answer is Yes, you can. And How can you buy bitcoin instantly online? Actually, it is very simple to add balance to your bitcoin account. There are basically 3 steps of buying Bitcoins: 1) Get a wallet for Bitcoin, 2) Find the place to purchase bitcoin with a credit card, 3) Add your wallet to the bitcoin. As simple as that! And we're going to brainstorm them here.

Get A Wallet for Bitcoin

The very first thing you need to do before purchasing the Bitcoins is to get the wallet to store them. This wallet will be then your ID so that people can send you bitcoins, or you can send the bitcoins to other. There are many wallets which you can choose but the most popular ones are Armory, Bingo, Xapo, and Blockchain. Getting a wallet is as simple as downloading the software or app to your device. It won't take a long time to do it.

Find the place to purchase bitcoin with credit card

Once your wallet is set, you are ready to give it the coins. There are many types of place to purchase and all these merchants are not equally created. And there are only few which are trusted to accept the credit card. No matter where you decide to purchase, keep in mind that you will be golden when sticking to the ones with a good reputation and good service. You could also look at the feedbacks from third-party sites.

If it is your first time, extra support from good staff will be really helpful for your first transaction. Take your time to research different places and read their terms before you join as a customer. You may want to consider some variables such as prices, a method of payment, customer service, and other fees.

Add your wallet to the bitcoin

Once you have found the place to purchase, get your Credit Card ready. Make sure your Credit card limit is enough to purchase a certain amount of Bitcoin. You know, the Bitcoin prices are fluctuating on daily basis.

It can happen every time, 24 hours, 7 days a week. So you could wait for a good price then place the order when you give the price a nod. Once you fill the information on the transaction page, your order will be finished and you will have your coins. Then, you want to send these coins to your wallet. All you need to do is just simply entering your bitcoin address and get the provider send them to you.

Depending on the provider you choose, you can expect to wait for few minutes to hours. But if you do choose the reliable one, you can rest assured that the coins will be delivered. When the coins are sent, You can use them right away to purchase your favorite goods or services or sell them for profit. Regardless the fact that one bitcoin has reached $8231 (insane, right?), it is still in its minor. There will be huge price comes out in the future. And you will be grateful if you save a bit or two in your account.

Places to purchase Bitcoin with credit card


CoinBase is undoubtedly is the most prominent Bitcoin broker in the world. And just expected from the best provider, you can get the Bitcoin through your Credit Card. There is 3.75% fee for all the credit card transactions. However, when you purchase $100 bitcoins, you will get $10 of Bitcoins as a bonus. The site has great support. We've tested it before. We just needed to wait 1 hour until its customer support reaches us through e-mail.


CEX.IO has been accepting credit card for a while and delivered the bitcoins in quicker phase. It has been operating since 2013 and always satisfying since then. You could use the option to the easiest way to buy bitcoins with credit card in the CEX.IO exchange site. It has pretty active transactions amongst over 500,000 users. CEX.IO has been popularly known as versatile cryptocurrency exchange. It is available in the US, Europe, and South America. It has high buying limits so that you can frequently get the bitcoins from the site. However, it is not available in Asian countries.


Coin House is a viable choice for European users. If you reside in the European countries you could use your credit card to attain Bitcoins easily. It is highly recommended by marketers in the Europe. Not only because the company offers high buying limits, but also friendly exchange rates.


Bigpanda has been around for 3 years in the Bitcoin industry. It has such excellent feedback from the customers. Offering multiple payment options, you could also use your credit card for getting your Bitcoins quickly. A verified account can purchase up to 2,500 euros on daily basis. And it's done through credit card purchases. Not only the high limit of the purchase, but you could be helped with the low fees that Bit Panda conduct. Unfortunately, it is only for EU citizens.