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Take Maximum Advantage of The Low Interest Rates on SBI Home Loan

Living in a rented house tends to get difficult as the house is not owned by you. The warmth and comfort is also missing. So have you given a thought to buy your own house and say goodbye to the rented apartment? If not then, you should. Home loan interest rates are falling and this is the best time to buy a house. In fact, State Bank of India is offering home loan at interest rate as low as 8.35% to women borrowers.

Everything You Need to Know About RERA Act?

RERA Act has become effective from May 1, 2017 after a long and tiring struggle. Everywhere people are talking about it but as an individual, you would be interested in knowing the benefits it will bring. You must know that the implementation of this Act, would bring a bunch of advantages for home loan borrowers. So, what exactly is this RERA Act all about and how is this going to help you buy your dream home? Well, here are some of the important changes that you can witness after RERA Act implementation.

Things to Know About The no Income Verification Loans And Mortgages

There have been positive developments in the recent years for commercial borrowers seeking no income or stated commercial loans and commercial mortgages in the U.S. Getting no income verification funds has become hassle-free for the borrowers who have no stable income but have good credit score. When it comes to a business loan, there are a number of reasons why you should consider a funding source other than a bank. If you don't have a stable source of loan, it could be very difficult for you to secure a business loan from the traditional bank. No income verification loan is a good option for the self-employed and small businesses who can't show enough income on their tax returns to qualify for the traditional financing options. This post provides a brief overview of the no verification finances, their benefits, and limitations.

The Basics of FHA Mortgage Loans

Qualifying for a home loan is quite a stringent and rigorous process. A less-than-perfect credit score can essentially preclude borrowers from getting a conventional mortgage. Any history of bankruptcy or foreclosures is frowned down upon and will be held against them.

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