Indian Food Recipes - Unique Diversity in Flavor of Indian Cuisines

India is a country with various specialties including heritage monuments, amazing architecture, rich culture, sightseeing locations and most importantly, the mouth-watering cuisines. People from all across the globe come to visit the country and experience the unique flavors in the taste of Indian recipes. The most important fact about the deliciousness in the taste of the food is favorable climatic conditions and developed farming culture, which enabled farmers and agriculture specialists to cultivate numerous useful crops on the incredible land of the country. This huge country possesses flavors spread in all the regions, giving origin to enormous range of dishes. For instance, Kashmiri and Punjabi dishes are mainly famous in the Northern part of the country, while entire southern region is renowned for South Indian dishes. Similarly, Gujarati and Marathi's dishes is famous as Western dishes, while Bengali and Oriya cuisines are Eastern India's most popular dishes. No matter, in which part of the country you live, the aroma and fragrance indicates the smell of the country everywhere. However, the method of preparation and tastes of different dishes are also different. The use of Indian spices enriches the flavor of simple dish to a great extent.

The North Indian dishes are considered to be the spiciest, yummy and oily food among the other staple food, as oil, cheese, butter and other milk products are mainly used in large quantity in this food. In the southern region, rice and rice-products are quite famous, as a result spicy vegetables is the necessity of their food. Although, there are numerous significant ingredients used in vegetables and cuisines, major of them are red chilies, coriander, cumin seeds, turmeric, salt, chat masala and others. In addition to this, spices like chole masala, curry leaves, kasturi methi and degi mirchact as additives to enhance the taste of food. People in India are both non-vegetarians and vegetarians; therefore these spices can be used in both type of foods. However, spices are mainly utilized in Chicken recipes, Kebabs and almost all types of sea foods. Apart from wide verities of spicy cuisines, sweet dishes and desserts are loved by many Indians and some people are habitual of sweets after food.

The food in India is as diverse and rich as the culture and religions of the country. There are wide variety of dishes and recipes for Indian food. In the recent past, the pattern and taste of locales has changed and people are more diverted towards western culture. Burgers, Pizzas and other fast food has replaced many dishes, but the richness and delectability of home food is incomparable. If you do not know much about cooking, there are some well-established recipes websites have been developed, providing information on various new dishes. Learn the amazing recipes and feel the delicious flavor of rich Indian cuisines.