McDonalds Launches A New Luxurious Dessert

We are aware of McDonald's commitment to adhering their menu within the plethora of Indian taste and traditions. As McDonald's India (West and South) has made efforts to bring the global menu at McDonald's as close to India as is possible, in the same lines, Indians have accepting and become accustomed to the taste of the global classics like burgers and fried, which otherwise were very foreign to an average Indian.

Not anymore. Indian at large have become much more aware and bearing with the additions of all things foreign into their day to day diet. Food in India is fit for the Gods. The Indian cuisine is nothing short of a celebration, and if there is a festival on the cards, the feast becomes even grander. Now as much as it's true that the Indian food space cannot be compared with any other in the world in terms of diversity, luxury and effort, it is also safe to say that it is very time consuming. No doubt there are many Indian dished that can ne whipped up within minutes, but if you want to feel that taste of luxury and royalty on your plate, you are bound to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

When I think of luxury and sweet dishes, the single thing that comes to my mind in the beautiful phirni, which is a pudding style dessert made out of rice/ semolina, milk and dry fruits. It originated in the Mughal era and has been adapted in various ways ever since.

The Kashmiri adaptation of the otherwise rice phirni is the one to die for. It lets you take a leap out of the phirnis that look and taste like kheers and leave you wondering which one of the two are you actually feeding your soul on. Nonetheless, both provide equally amounts of comfort and satisfy your sweet tooth. Coming back to the Kashmiri phirni, it should be known that contrary to the popular belief that a Kashmiri phirni means the one which has kesar or saffron, since the place is world famous for the production of the same is completely inaccurate. In fact, a Kashmiri phirni is white as snow and has no amount of saffron listed in its ingredients, not even for a garnish.

Even though garnishing with saffron strands might still be acceptable in some Kashmiri households, but a yellow phirni invites reluctance. The phirni from Kashmir has a distinct taste from all other phirnis. Instead of rice, it is made from dry roasted semolina. This preparation is much more intricate and time consuming compared to other phirnis, as the semolina is added in very small quantities over a long period of time to make sure no lumps are formed. It's magical.

But there is a new phini in town- the McFlurry phirni! Its as much of a shock as it is a surprise but McDonald's India (West & South) has launched the McFlurry phirni which is a combo of the sweetness of phirni and your favorite soft serve. It's made with delicate flavours of rich condensed milk along with a rice bits sauce. The best part? It's the quickest, most delicious phirni you will ever get your hands on.