Great Pasta Manufacturing

Belmar Foods is a top Western Australian pasta manufacturing brand that celebrates the rich luxurious flavors of Italy with its wide range of natural pasta products. It values its customers to the fullest, living up to the impeccable standards of its international clientele, utilizing state of the art machinery and the support of a highly efficient assistance staff to provide the complete Mediterranean experience. Belmar pasta manufacturers produce high quality pasta, ranging from filled pasta, short pasta, and long pasta. It has a wide international market, functioning as pasta supplier to Malaysian, Indonesian, and Japanese markets amongst others.

Belmar Pasta Manufacturers is a proud Australian brand which wishes to project the image of wholesome dining with its fine assortment of various pastas. It has carefully constructed an ideal system of manufacturing, giving due attention to the quality of products. All products contain GMO free organic ingredients. It is the only Australian brand that meets the required standards of the AQIS and MSQA, demonstrating quality excellence beyond reproach. The Belmar Food staff is highly efficient, operating on the values of superior quality that define Belmar Pasta manufacturers. Fresh, highly nutritious products are the result of this. The Belmar Foods motto is one which aims at enriching the senses with a truly scrumptious Italian experience.

Belmar Foods was established by Sam and Mary Chisari in 1981 for the purpose of pasta production and its subsequent export. It was initially located in Osborne Park, Western Australia after which it was moved to Balcutta in 1994. It acquired the AQIS export registration in 1995 for fulfilling requirements of meat export. Belmar Foods is actively recognized and valued throughout the public sphere. Hotels, supermarkets, airlines and food distributors make a daily use of its products. It uses pasta manufacturing machines for the large scale production of different kinds of pasta such as filled, short and long pasta. The machines are economically friendly having production capacities of about 200 kg to 300 kg per hour. They are operated on by a highly effective work-force which checks the machinery on a regular interval basis. Quality perfection is maintained through consistent microbiological testing.

Products include:

Filled Pasta Products

Short Pasta Products

Long Pasta Products

Belmar Foods has further extended its product line into the area of pre-cooked meals thereby granting customers convenient access to delicious pasta dishes of different sizes. They only require the minimum attention of heating after which they can be served.

Pre-cooked meals include lasagna, cannelloni, ravioli, tortellini and agnolotti. These are available in 400g, 1 kg and 2 kg size deals. Catering pasta sauces (arabbiata, bolognese carbonara, napolitana) are also available along with frozen pizza crusts of varying lengths.

Belmar pasta manufacturers are the major producers of fine quality pasta. They feature an exquisite range of pasta products that surpass dining expectations truly reflecting the rich, subtly sensual tastes of Italian cuisine provided by Western Australian manufacturers. It is a unique blend of these two distinct cultures that has enabled Belmar Food products into a high status of quality success and excellence. Belmar Foods brand is one which is internationally recognized for its customer friendly approach, for its competency in meeting the specific demands of clients and for providing healthy, nourishing products which redefine home-based cooking. What could be better than coming home to a wonderful meal of lasagna cooked to perfection? Belmar pasta manufacturers wish to create a special atmosphere for customers, one which displays a mixture of various delectable flavors bringing Italy itself to every individual home. Contact for more info.