The Most Intriguing McDonalds Employee

At McDonald's India, creating happiness is at the core of everything. And a place that creates happiness day in and out, it is impertinent that the people who make such a task possible will also end up rubbing in onto their own lives. The Human Resource teams at all McDonald's outlets are interwoven like families, no wonder since we spent most of our time at work. Westlife Development is proud of the employee satisfaction and reviews it receives from each and every employee, and the strong connection each and every one forms with the world's most loved brand. After all, McDonald's did start of as a family business own by two very close and supportive brothers.

Today we bring you the story of one of our finest and the most inspiring. Of all our employees at McDonald's India, we believe Sudhakar's journey has probably been one of the most interesting ones. He wasn't always with McDonald's - or even in the same industry. Sudhakar was, in fact, a government employee at BMTC as a bus conductor! Read on to get a perspective on your own work as well as personal life.

It has been about 8 years now that he has been with the organization, and he recounts, "I was not very happy with my old job, I didn't have any opportunity to learn at work or grow and I wasn't made to feel important either. My confidence was at an all-time low and I was a very reserved person, hardly talking to anyone except when required for my work. I saw an opening at McDonald's and just joined as a walk-in - best decision so far!"

It is at McDonald's that his self-confidence has grown. His work is appreciated - as a contributor, a leader and coach for the younger crew members. In one role, he says he gets the experience of working across the spectrum. Today he manages a crew of over 35 people, and is regularly recognized and rewarded for his work. But his biggest moment of pride he says was the day his parents received a letter of Sales & Profitability Appreciation from McDonald's India! While his parents never exactly knew what work he did, they had to approach a teacher nearby to read the letter since it was in English! His father called him to say he is very proud of him and he says 'what can be a bigger moment than hearing your parents say they are proud of you!"

Sudhakar loves the way all the teams come together to celebrate the good times, and rally around each other in difficult times. It is this bond that he will always cherish, he says.

We value employees like Sudhakar and are proud of the personal journeys of growth and "finding self' that they go through, like champs, as part of our brand. We're inspired, are you?