Choosing The Right Wine Glasses For your Exciting Wine Party

Choosing Wine Glasses for Your Party

Those who drink wine by themselves would not think of opening more than one bottle of wine, such action is usually only done at a larger gathering. At larger gatherings guests have the chance to taste different kinds of wines in a matter of a few hours. This is the appeal of a wineparty. In order to have an exciting wineparty, hosts should consider the following about wine glasses to ensure an exciting party.

Naturally wine is served in glasses, yet it is not as simple as that. Different kinds of wine should be served in different types of glasses. Details of the different kinds of glasses and the kind of wine best served in each shall be shared. To understand this better however it is necessary to become familiar with a wineglass.

A wineglass consists of a foot which is the bottom of the glass upon which a wineglass rests. Above the foot is the stem which connects the foot to the bowl in which the wine is actually poured. The top most circular region of the bowl is known as the rim.

The stem of a wineglass allows the drinker to hold onto a wineglass without the heat from their hand passing on to the bowl and heating the contents of the bowl. A stem also prevents smudges from appearing on a bowl when the wine is being drunk. The prevention of smudges on a bowl is essential to visually enjoy the wine.

A bowl of a wineglass is perhaps the most important component of a wineglass as the other parts of a glass are made keeping in mind the size of the bowl. Wineglasses have bowls which are tapered upward and have a slightly narrower opening at the rim than they do at the bottom of the bowl. Such a shape helps those who are drinking the wine enjoy the aroma because the shape of the bowl guides the wines fragrance toward the wine lovers nose. The bowl of a wine should be appropriate to the kind of wine being served. For instance a redwine requires a larger surface area to allow the wine to breathe and thus redwine is served in glasses which have a larger bowl. White wines on the other hand are served in glasses which have smaller bowls. Champagne is served in glasses which have a narrow bowl which ensures that the champagne does not decarbonate rapidly.

The rim is also crucial to the enjoyment of a wine. A high quality wineglass should have a rim which is "cut" and which does not inhibit the wine as it flows out of the wineglass. A thin rim enables the drinker to not be distracted from the wine as it is being sipped. One of the best places to buy wine glasses online in India is

A wineglass which is crystal clear allows the color of the wine to be easily visible. Colored glasses and glasses which are decorated may look attractive, yet for an exciting wineparty clear glasses are most preferable.

At a wineparty hosts may also be required to choose between crystal glasses or glasses made of glass. Simply put all crystal is glass but not all glass is crystal. The amount of lead in a glass determines whether the glass is simply glass or whether it is crystal. Lead in a glass softens the glass in crystal which makes it easier to cut and to engrave designs upon. The lead also increases the weight of the glass and makes it easier possible for light to refract when it passes through the crystal.

The highest quality crystal wineglasses are thought to provide a superior wine tasting experience yet many such glasses are highly expensive as well. Additionally such glasses are more expensive to replace if they are broken which is likely as they are very fragile.