Behind The Craft 5 Things You Didn't Know About Craft Beer

Who doesn't enjoy a cold glass of beer? Beer is perfect when surrounded by your closest friends during the biggest game of the year, relaxing at the pub reviewing the work day with colleagues, and for those precious moments alone.

Beer is an old friend, a wise sage, a reckless pusher and a humble nurturer. Like an enigmatic stranger in the dead of the night, it seduces you, envelopes you, gratifies you and shakes you - keeping you company throughout the seasons; timeless, ageless and incomparable.

Like most enigmas in life, craft beer can't be reduced to a simple one-line definition, and justifiably so.

It encompasses so much more than mere malt and barley, as it celebrates a concoction of diverse flavors and ingredients, dancingtogether feverishly to create something that can perhaps be deemed a work of art. We certainly think so.

Part of the wonderful experience of drinking beer comes from the thrill of detecting unusual and unique undertones that blend together seamlessly.

Is it sweet? No, more salty. Actually, it's kind of sour. Scratch that - it's definitely bitter.

The truth is, craft beer is each of that in isolation and in fusion. To borrow from Walt Whitman, "Do we contradict ourselves? Yes, we contradict ourselves - it's beer, it contains multitudes!"

The context and words may have differed just slightly, but the fact remains!

We can't and won't reduce craft beverages to a generic, one-dimensional description packed with flat, empty words that don't do it justice. But in the spirit of good will and insatiable curiosity, we present to you 5 little-known facts about this delightful drink!

1. The first beer-brewers were women

Women of the world unite! With modern-day pubs, bars and microbreweries constituting an overwhelming majority of men, you'd think the origins of beer come from beefy lumberjacks or prehistoric cavemen. Not so! The first breweries in ancient Peru were run exclusively by "women of the elite". Ponder that for a while.

2. Craft beer currently provides over 420,000 jobs in the US of A.

A beverage that's good for the economy and the intolerable stress caused by said economy? No wonder this product is going places!

3. You share your love of beer with snails and slugs.

Those garden-dwellers sure know how to live it up! Skeptical about the claim? Leave some beer in an accessible container outdoors and see for yourself!

4. There was a time when beer was a children's drink.

It was typical in Medieval Europe to encourage children to drink beer. People believed it was helpful due to its perceived nutritional benefits. Game of Thrones, take note!

5. Moderate consumption of beer is good for your brain.

Not our words, but the words of science. And we stand behind science! A study in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that women who consumed one alcoholic beverage per day were less prone to mental disturbance and exhibited better cognitive behavior than those who didn't.

And there it is. With 5 simple statements, we've shed light on beer as an advocate of female empowerment, a stimulus for better economic output, a friend to the sluggish inhabitants of Mother Nature, and an accessory to a sharp mind.