From Hunter Valley to Global Stage- A Road Well Travelled by McGuigan Family

If Australia is known today for its vineyards and has a place of pride in world viticulture business, it is because some of the foresighted people began sowing the seeds of their ventures way back in the middle or the late nineteenth century. Started off by visionaries, these became flourishing businesses for the generations ahead. What we know today as First Families of Wines in Australia are the third or fourth generations of these winemakers. One of these is the McGuigans.

It was in 1880 that Owen McGuigan settled down in the famed Hunter Valley region of Australia which is world renowned for its viticulture. This region has all elements suitable for growing different varieties of grapes for producing world-class wines. Owen was able to spot this potential about 135 years back. However, it was under the aegis of Perc McGuigan that the family business turned the tables and McGuigans became a name to reckon with. He was suitably inducted as Hunter Valley Living Legend due to his role in making this place world famous.

Brian McGuigan, the next scion of this business, further changed the game by focusing on wine consumers and not just remaining focused on wine production. McGuigan wines, as we know today, were crafted and branded during his tenure at the helm of affairs. He, along with his wife Fay, enlarged the scope of this business to break into 20 export markets. His contribution to the Hunter Valley wine industry was also suitably rewarded when he joined his father as a Hunter Valley Living Legend.

It was in 1999 that McGuigan winery also made its presence in the Barossa Valley. This became the second home for this century old winery in Australia. 3 years later, in 2002, they partnered with the Simone wines and became one of the largest winemakers of Australia. A few years later the winery introduced a new concept which made it hugely popular in Sydney, Melbourne and London. This new concept was to show vines grow right in the city itself to city-dwellers.

All through its journey, McGuigans have won a number of awards and accolades. They have won recognition on different world stages and are now a global name in the wines business. Their wines are available at their cellar door, from retailers in different cities of Australia and in other parts of the world and also on online wine stores.