Whey Protein Powder For Your Body

What adds to it and is immensely required by your body is a rich amount of Whey protein. What distinguishes it from ordinary mass gainers is the fact that mass gainers or weight gainers usually contain carbs and proteins in a ratio of 3:1, therefore it leads to more weight gain, but less amount of protein is injected into your body. Moreover, sticking on to mass gainers for a long-time result in adding layers of unwanted fat which then takes a lot of time to get rid of. You may even have to spend some more time in the gym to shed the extra kilos.

Why Whey Protein?

This is where Whey protein becomes important. It is obtained from the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained in the process of making cheese. It is a time-tested supplement which benefits not only bodybuilders and athletes but also the ordinary gym goers who want to remain in shape. It becomes vital for bodybuilders as it fuels up their muscles and eventually increases stamina and endurance. It acts as a catalyst when you are inclined towards making those abs. With the right quantity, you can quickly develop a robust core. Not only that, but it also helps you reduce the extra body fat.

Other benefits that can be derived from it are -

Why Avvatar Whey Protein?

Now when you have armed yourself with all the knowledge about Whey protein, why should you not try the purest and freshest protein available in the market? Without any adulteration, it is delivered from our farm to your shaker cup. Perhaps it's the time to make it your gym companion, right? You will not want anything that is stale. We will never sell you anything that doesn't meet your benchmark of quality. Our product is milk, processed and packaged within 24 hours. Yes, one single day. It reduces the chance of the protein getting impoverished and stagnant.

If you are a vegetarian, you need not fret if the protein can be consumed by you or not. It is purely vegetarian, made from fresh cow's milk and undergoes multiple quality checks before you get to consume it. In fact, it is 100% pure Whey protein.


It can be consumed in multiple ways. Either mix it in water, add it to your favourite smoothie or milk and consume within 90 mins of training to receive the maximum benefits. There can't be anything better for you if you are a fitness freak.

Why can it be trusted?

Avvatar is a brand of Parag Milk Foods, which has already created a niche for itself in Maharashtra and is rapidly increasing its reach to other parts of the country as well. After the success of Go Cheese, Gowardhan Ghee and Pride of Cows, this new product in line has undergone various tests before being launched. When it offers you various benefits such as Low fat, Gluten free, low cholesterol, Sugar-free, GMO-free and Soy free, there is no reason for you not to try it. Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein contains 24g protein per scoop. So, if you are a gym goer, an athlete or a fitness freak, go bag our product today and notice an unprecedented change in your body.