How to Make a Healthy Smoothie That Tastes Good!

The balance between taste and healthiness has always been a struggle when it comes to smoothies. So many sugars usually reside in it that it usually ends up not being very good for you. So how do you find a good balance between the two?

First, find a base you like that will help blend all the frozen ingredients together. For this you can use various types of milk, juice, or even water (although it might take way from the flavor). This could include whole milk, almond milk, fruit juice, vegetable juice or my personal favorite, coconut milk. When it comes to the juices, try to use a fresh pure juice to get some nutrients from it. It won't take a lot of liquid base, but enough to make all the frozen ingredients blend nicely together.

The next step would be to find what fruits you want to add to your smoothie. The trick with these is to prepare them the day before and freeze them so you don't have to ice down your smoothie when making it, just to get the thick smoothie consistency. Keep in mind that most fruits contain a lot of natural sugars so this will add to your sugar count. There's endless combinations to use but a good one to always start with is banana, as well as, any berries.

Then, it's time to take a look at the vegetables. Just like the fruits these should be prepared and frozen the day before. This will be the healthiest part of your smoothie with no sugars being added during this step. My go to is always spinach because the taste is easily covered up by other ingredients when it is frozen but it still has all the health benefits of natural greens. This is where you might have to change it up a couple times to really see what goes best with your combination of fruit, but there's bound to be one or many that go great with it, or don't take away from the flavor at all! Some other popular ones are avocado, kale, and cauliflower.

Fourth, we add a protein. This can be plant based such as a vanilla pea or chocolate rice protein or it could be dairy based such as a chocolate or vanilla whey protein. The whey proteins tends to have more flavor and make the smoothie creamier, but not everyone is a dairy fan. Some people also aren't a fan of using proteins but there is a way around that as well. Peanut butter and almond butter are great substitutes in this case.

These four steps can make an awesome smoothie, but I know some still have that craving for it to be a little bit sweeter (especially if it is a berry based smoothie). While I don't recommend adding sugar to the smoothie as it counters out the health benefits a bit too much, some substitutes could be a tablespoon of honey or agave to sweeten it up just a bit! Another option could be dates as well!

Now that you have all your ingredients together, it's time to prepare, freeze, and blend together the perfect meal replacement smoothie that's both delicious and healthy!