Importance And Benefits of Clay With Child Growth

Many scholars have continued to research on the key importance and benefits of clay as it contributes to the growth of the child. Not many art medium help in the growth and skills in children as clay for kids does. Clay is an important element if you want to nurture the growth of your child.

According to observation and proven fact, clay provides invaluable experience for your child motor skills, sensory development, problem-solving skills, self-expression, disciple, pride, etc. Drawing books for kids also do have their place but clay is perfectly suited for them because of the following reasons

Sensory development and motor skills: If you have never experienced the moment a child sits at the potter's wheel, then you are surely missing a lot. There are various sensory experiences encounter when working with clay because they experience the feel and texture of the clay. This helps them in improving their motor skills and affects the way they respond to things.

Esteem and Expression: Your perfect art medium for your kid is clay because it is very forgiving and highly responsive to touch. Give your kids the clay and they will mold and put things into shape. They are conscious of the fact that they are in control of what they are doing and this influences what they form. That consciousness help in boosting their confidence, which opens door to greater imagination and self-expression. Besides this, clay for kids helps in repairing mistakes made during molding and shaping. This makes them not to be afraid of mistakes. It is essential to make mistakes because it gives room for self-improvement.

Problem Solving: You cannot compare clay with another art medium because you need to have an understanding of the three-dimensional world. You need to see what you create in different sides and this contributes to them understanding perspective, form, and shape. They see things differently and this helps them to gain additional knowledge regarding planning and problem-solving. Clay encourages the children to think on their own and help with the planning experience.

Discipline: This is very important because you want your child to follow rules and this is what clay does. It helps them in not only understanding guidelines but also accepting and respecting whatever procedures is set in place. The techniques and methods help the child to grasp the concept of being dedicated and disciplined in what they do.

Calming Effect: Some kids cannot stay on a task for a longer time, nevertheless, clay can do the magic. Whether it is the ability to express and articulating their emotions, sensory response to clay or ability to be in charge, clay help them to be engaged and fully engrossed in their work. During the "clay" time, one thing you will discover is that they are quiet and composed without thinking about time. There is nothing as disappointment or frustration when using clay because of its flexibility. Let the calming and healing results become evident in your kids as you give them the opportunity to have a fun time with clay