The World of Sachin Sagare's Paintings

There are many great styles of painting out there, arising from a rich art history which has seen movement after movement. Figurative paintings or Figurativism refers to representational art, including the description of human or animal figures. More appropriately, Figurativism is an art form that represents a real-world image. Figurativism or figurative art is basically the opposite of abstract.

Figurative Art is more a part of the real world and often is focused on intricate detailing in illustration and coming as close to reality as art can. From the Aristocratic Portraits to the Picturesque Landscapes. While painting a figure, an artist tries showing the emotions through such paintings. It is an attempt to recreate the psyche of the person painted or portrayed. A painter does so use his or her artistic skill. If you buy Figurative Paintings, it can convey your feelings and is a form of expression for you. It also is a wonderful means to help you reflect on certain ideas, mull things over and can encourage a feeling of optimism. It can make your home feel like a modern sanctuary, a stunning place that makes you proud, as well as identifying you with the talents, inspiration and creativity of the artist who made your work.

Sachin Sagare Paintings is like the words and a medium to connect with the world. It is a very easy medium to express whatever he feel and understand. There is a kind of rurality in Sachin Sagare's approach to paintings.The main subject for his paintings is Indian women. He has seen it in his childhood in his village, women facing misery, working hard all day in the field, and doing household work too, but never complaining about it. This is what influenced him to use them in his paintings.

Sachin Sagare does not believe in conceiving captions to his paintings. He feels that it confines the 'personality 'of the picture. Sachin prefers people to put their captions to his countless and nameless paintings and travel down their own creative ways. He gives art aficionados, the licence to reconnect to his images, however, they want. At present, some art galleries put their names to Sachin Sagare's paintings, to identify and exhibit his works. He adds that his job is to create what appeals to him to express his inner philosophy and not overly worry about the names and the numbers. Sachin Sagare is also influenced by Damien Steven Hirst, the contemporary day English painter, sculptor entrepreneur, and art collector.