Famous Success Stories - How They Became Successful?

Harland David Sanders. The first person on our list is Harland David Sanders. He is the founder of KFC but there was a problem. No one liked his chicken. In fact people would complain about his chicken. Sanders was a sad individual only hoping to make a living and provide for his family. He tried applying to some small restraunts but he got denied, in fact he got denied more than 1000 times. Who would try to continue a business after it being denied 1000 times? One restaraunt eventually accepted him and his business grew to what it is now.

Walt Disney. Walt Disney actually started off a bit successful. He worked for a popular newspaper as an writer and began following his dream to become and entertainer. But something devestating happened one day. The newspaper editor wasn't to happy with the work that Walt Disney produced. The editor described Walt as a person who 'doesn't have an imagination' and who 'has no ideas'. Walt had literally no where to go after being shut down. He had already established his career plan but had no way to make it happen. Now the inspiring thing about this guy is that he didn't quit. Most people would find another job completely unrelated and not continue to pursue that career plan that they established. Walt built up his flaws which was his imagination and bad ideas. He eventually released Snow White which was a hit. His work now shapes each of our childhoods.

Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein didn't start out good either. He started speaking at age 4 which is something that parents would hope to never happen to their children. He then started reading at age seven which is still a little bit embarrassing in the parents point of view. Albert also suffered in school. He would get terrible grades constantly and they rarely improved. He also suffered from various conditions such as ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome. Thus teachers thought that he would never amount to anything. His teachers even claimed that he was "mentally handicaped". The truth is that his brain functioned different than everyone elses. This is nothing to be ashamed of and as we all know, Albert eventually became a famous physist.

These people listed all started from nothing. They eventually became millionaires or billionaires. Most of these people were poor when they were trying to established something that they wanted to do. What separates these people from normal people is that even when they were dismissed and ignored, they still continued to try and make their dream a reality. They gave their full effort into everything they were doing. They didn't procrastinate, take shortcuts or stop working. They reached out and tried to make the absolute best of their situation. Most people would quit after they were denied numerous times but these people learned from their mistakes, reached out and grabbed success by the throat. These people get my full respect and I hope that you are motivated and learned something from this article that will benefit you.