Zendaya Makes Her Vogue Cover Debut

Zendaya, the 20-year-old Disney Channel star and actress in the forthcoming "Spider-Man: Homecoming" movie, covers Vogue US this July. Zendaya, photographed by Mario Testino, dons a Calvin Klein feathered ensemble from Raf Simons' debut collection for the brand.

"I really don't have any words right now...I'm grateful, honored and a million other beautiful things that wouldn't fit in a caption," she said of the cover on Instagram. "I'M ON VOGUE Y'ALL!!!!"

Gossips of bollywood actress, Inside the magazine Zendaya also showcases other designer looks such as a Prada coat, an Alexander McQueen sequined top and a Dolce & Gabbana jacket and bodysuit.

Zendaya rose to fame with the Disney Channel series "Shake It Up"! and later starred in "K.C. Undercover".Abby Aguirre in the cover story writes: "'I got in a room with the heads of Disney Channel,' Zendaya says, recounting a meeting that took place four years ago, when she was sixteen. By this time she had already completed her first Disney show, Shake It Up, in which she costarred as an aspiring dancer alongside Bella Thorne.

For her to sign on to K.C. Undercover, she decided, Disney would need to meet demands. First they would need to make her a producer. Next she objected to the show's title, which at the time was Super Awesome Katy. 'I was like, "The title is whack. That's gonna change".' She then rejected her character's name ('Do I look like a Katy to you?') and insisted that the show feature a family of color."

"I wanted to make sure that she wasn't good at singing or acting or dancing. That she wasn't artistically inclined. I didn't want them to all of a sudden be like, 'Oh, yeah, and then she sings this episode!' No. She can't dance; she can't sing. She can't do that stuff. There are other things that a girl can be.

I want her to be martial arts-trained. Gossips of bollywood actress, I want her to be able to do everything that a guy can do. I want her to be just as smart as everybody else. I want her to be a brainiac. I want her to be able to think on her feet. But I also want her to be socially awkward, not a cool kid. I want her to be normal with an extraordinary life."