Selecting The Best Prom Venue For Prom Night

Prom night is one of the best nights for high school students. The evening is full of thrill and excitement from finding the best prom dress to the most stunning tux, and all these efforts are needed to impress your date. For the school, find the best prom venues is a daunting task as it has the most vital role to play in creating a memorable night.

Here are some factors one should focus on when organizing a prom:

Venue Options

The prom committee along with some senior advisors can make a list of venue options to host the event based on the size, location, date and price. All of these elements play a vital role in the final decision.

Narrow down the list to main three venues that the committee will then tour to find if it will fit the requirements of the event. It's difficult to say that a theme like "Night in Paris" can be carried out with a huge imitation of the Eiffel Tower.

Prom Logistics

Consider if the venue is in a central location it will be easy for the prom goers to reach there. It is also important to consider that who will be on site decorating and other behind the scenes looking into other details, so that they have enough time to dress later for the event. Decor might be needed to place a day before so this factor needs to be taken care of wile reserving the space.

Event Arrival

Long gowns and high heels make a long walk from the parking lot till the venue pretty difficult. While everyone is super excited and dressed their best, make sure the prom venue includes a place near the arrival spot to freshen up if everyone has to walk a long way. Create an amazing backdrop near the entrance area where everyone to gather a few moments to greet their friends and smile for selfies and portraits.

Catering For The Prom Dinner

The prom budget needs to include the cost of dinner, which can be economical choice for the student body and adds another level of grace for the event. Get an estimate for how many people will be coming to the prom. Then make inquiries regarding the prom menu early so that you stay within the assigned budget.

Hit The Dance Floor

The event planner at the prom venue will ask about a music band or DJ that will be hired to provide dance music for the prom. This is important because the venue has to pay upfront to the staff to make sure that the latest tunes are heard well on the dance floor.