An Ancient Practice That Is Still Popular

Tattoos are a way of decorating the body where pigments, inks or dyes are used to make designs that are temporary or permanent. Some people do it just for style or fun, but there are many cultures around the world where getting a tattoo is an important part of their culture. This is a practice that has been around for hundreds of years. It was not a practice that was accepted by modern civilisation but now many of the stigmas have disappeared. But for health and hygiene reasons, some people prefer a fake tattoo to a permanent one. It is necessary for anyone intending to get inked to only visit a professional who gives a lot of importance to health and safety.

Customised Tattoos For Special Occasions

Fake tattoos are actually very beautiful and look very much like the original ones. There are some unusual and beautiful designs available. There are companies who design and produce them and they can be ordered for online. Many people request for customised tattoos to be used for specific occasions and celebrations. There are some people who order for temporary tattoos to celebrate their wedding day. They create their own tattoo or choose from the wide range that is available in the website. All guests attending the wedding will be seen sporting these special tattoos and since they are not permanent, even those guests who are averse to tattoos will be glad to have one. This just adds to the celebrations and is another detail to add to the memories.

The Star Attraction At A Kids' Party

Kids' parties today are incomplete with tattoos. The glee one can see on a child's face when a tattoo is applied is quite wonderful. There are some really attractive designs available in lovely colours to catch the attention of the children. The best part is that these tattoos are fake tattoos and can be removed easily by rubbing transparent household tape, baby oil or hand sanitizer, or alcohol. The colorants used are certified and the tattoos are non-toxic and safe to use on the sensitive skin of children. There are some very good designs readily available; cartoon characters, comic books characters, cute little animal ones and pretty floral ones and even ones from the fairy tales. The glow in the dark tattoos and glitter ones are very attractive and quite popular.

Online Orders And Worldwide Delivery

The temporary tattoos are easy to apply and will stay for about 3-7 days. They are waterproof too. There are some designs like the water colour flowers which look absolutely stunning and classy and is a must try for anyone who would fancy a tattoo. They normally come in packs of two. Fake tattoos can be ordered online and they will be shipped to any part of the world. There are many retailers who buy from the suppliers in bulk at wholesale rates. Even those who would like to customise the tattoos can do so at no extra cost.