Pairing Your Super Skinny Jeans is Now an Easy Game!

Denim Busted

Denim is derived from the French word Serge de Nimes, which refers to the city of Nimes. The word Jeans again comes from a French word Genoa in Italy. Denim is a twill textile which is made up of cotton. Two or more warp threads pass through the cotton. They come in various styles such as super skinny jeans and several others. So, no more waiting. Let's check out some of the latest jeans styles below.

Latest Jeans styles

1. Ultra-Low Rise Denims (Brazilian)

This type of jeans sits very low on your hip and definitely raises the oomph factor. You can flaunt it boldly on a vacation or while partying out.

2. Low Rise Jeans

If you want to give an illusion of a longer waist then this is the best choice. It is one of the latest jeans for girls. It works well for girls with short rise and sits low on your waist. Not suitable for official outings, these jeans can be worn during leisure times.

3. High Rise Skinny Jeans

These are very flattering because they have a very high waistline and are very well-fitted. You can pair it with a blazer. Wear it to work and look chic and professional.

4. Boyfriend Jeans

It is one of the most flattering styles because of its shape. It gives you a tight fit around your hips, along with a slightly loose and relaxed look near the legs. It looks great on fuller thighs and legs.

5. Skinny Leg Jeans

You've got to own at least one pair of the perfect skinny jeans! These are tight that fit snugly around your legs and suit those with a petite body frame. However, note that Skinny jeans emphasize your curves and might make you feel conscious if you have a pear-shaped or round body type.

6. Straight/ Cigarette Jeans

If you are a bit hesitant about skinny jeans for women that accentuate your curves but like to wear a pair of jeans that fit snugly on your body then this is a perfect choice. These are also straight and narrow but do not go wide at the ankles. The straight leg cut is a boon for curvy girls and balances out the hip perfectly.

The heart wants more!

Denim is basically a sturdy piece of cotton. It is twill weaving that differentiates it from normal cotton weaving. They are a wardrobe mandate and one of the most versatile attire a girl can own. Ergo, most of us hunt for exciting jeans offers. The more the merrier is the perfect phrase that defines them.