Stick Your Hygiene Rules And Principles to Instill Happiness And Wellness Into Your Life

The first step to foster good health is to imbibe good personal hygiene. It not only helps in making you feel good, but protects and you're near ones from suffering from malaises that may emanate from poor personal hygiene. While women tend to go overboard with their shower timings, hot showers and bushing or hand sanitizers, there are some basic things that they tend to skip. Feminine Hygiene is much more than brushing, washing hands, flossing, bathing and eating. They may look monotonous at times, but they do help in keeping diseases at bay.

One such overlooked matter is taking short and warm showers. Most women prefer going the long hot spells way. But that is not the way.

Don't shampoo your everyday or very often if your hair isn't that oily. Again, while it's not recommended to shampoo your daily every day for it strips the hair of the ingrained natural oils, it's important to wash the tresses every two to three days for keeping the scalp and hair healthy.