Aromatic Foot Massage Recipes That Heal Cracked Feet During Winters

While winter is the perfect time for partying and touring, your cracked heels and dry feet can become the greatest obstacle in the process. So, as the mercury level gradually falls with the arrival of winters, you have to remain prepared with remedial measures to prevent cracked feet. Here are some aromatic foot massage recipes that you can take into serious consideration. Read about them.

Tea tree is remarkable aromatherapy oil that is popularly used by the aroma therapists for its antiseptic properties. Professionals working at the best spa in Bangalore suggest that tea tree based aromatic foot massage is a remarkable therapy for winters. It is specially recommended for those who suffer from aggravated conditions of painful and bleeding cracks in their feet. In addition, it also renders remedy for various sorts of fungal infections in their feet that appear during winters in the form of warts, rashes, blisters, itches, and likewise. While direct application of the oil is recommended for aggravated conditions, ten to fifteen drops of essential oil can be poured onto a bucket full of lukewarm water for a relaxing foot spa session too.

People who suffer from dry, itchy and calloused feet conditions throughout the year usually experience the most painful conditions of cracked heel during winters. A peppermint oil aromatherapy foot massage is a great remedy for them. The tingly sensation peppermint oil provides a great feeling of refreshment to tired feet simultaneous with making them immune against infections that may affected the sore regions of the feet. Hence, it can be said with conviction that a regimented foot bath with this oil for twice a week a month is bound to show positive results to people suffering from nasty conditions of cracked feet.

German camomile oil is aromatherapy oil that is loaded with natural antiseptic properties. Hence, it is often recommended as a natural medicine for direct application to heal wounds and infectious sores. This antiseptic property of German camomile oil makes it a popularly chosen natural product by professional aroma therapists for treating cracked heels during winters. A foot bath comprising of this aromatic oil is also used by the therapists for treating allergic growths, rashes and inflammations in the feet.

Eucalyptus oil is known all over for its refreshing aroma. Besides its distinctive aroma, eucalyptus oil is also loaded with immense anti-fungal properties that make it an effective natural remedy for arresting even the most stubborn fungal infection. This property makes this aromatic oil a great choice for curbing fungal growth associated with the occurrence of cracked feet during winters. This oil also sooths the painfulness, inflammation and redness associated with cracked feet.