Interesting Things You Can Do With Your Nintendo

Technology is advancing at a very fast speed. New and improved products come to market every six months. Computer and internet has changed the dynamics of communication and has also largely affected our life style. Compact and mobile computer systems have been developed for being user friendly. Gaming industry is one industry which has attached all the big companies to come out with innovative products. Nintendo has come out with compact gaming device. Nintendo gaming device have a good quality graphics to enhance the gaming experience. People today like to have a device which can make multiple functions and you can use your Nintendo for gaming, music, pictures and much more just by adding a R4 3DS micro SD card attachment. This device is completely compatible with the entire Nintendo device and enables users to conduct multiple functions.

R4 3DS is a cartridge which is easy to connect and operate to help you to use external memory with your device. It comes with Kernel file which is easy to install and enables you to start using. This is one of the smart devices which make your Nintendo device much more entertaining. The latest product is R4i SDHC which is compatible with all the products of Nintendo and can expand the digital memory from 2GB to 32GB depending upon your requirement. R4i SDHC is a complete solution for the external data storage and transfer. R4 3DS comes with a 8 GB memory card and has 50 preloaded games and kernel file and thus need no downloading or any other technical process. While in travelling R4 3Ds and R4i SDHC device along with Nintendo become a complete entertainment package keeping you active with all the games, movies, pictures and much more.

These cartridges come with wide price rage and different storage capacity. Memory card have external expandable storage from 2GB to 32 GB in different price range. It depends on your personal requirement to choose from the wide range of micro storage device. The R4 3DS and all other storage device are made out of the finest quality material making and protecting the data. It is completely portable to be carried while travelling and transferring data is very easy. As this device need on other device to support it and make it functional it is most convenient and maintenance free.

If you care a gaming addict go for one of the product and get the feel of the Nintendo with lots of games and ultimate graphics.