Futuristic Modified PS3 Controller and PS3 Turbo Devices

After the release of the first Ps3 in Japan in 2006, Sony has changed the way players enjoy game. One of the latest gadgets that players talk about is Ps3 Turbo Controller. This Sony controller is capable of giving the hottest rapid fire function for PS3. It is furnished with programmable Turbo Rapid Fire mode and can facilitate with up to 8 buttons at diverse speed levels. When rapid fire is enabled, it makes single shot pistols in game such as Call of Duty: World at War to be real toxic. It also has fully automatic weapon that can empty a clip on an enemy in seconds. This firepower advantage gives the players more fun experience when they hit their controllers.

Players can use it even 20 feet away from the console without interruptions. It is powered with 2 AA batteries providing long standing power so gamers don't have to worry of charging it again and again. The built-in auto shut-off feature provides more convenience as turning off the power can be automatic. This Ps3 device from Sony is designed with turbo function that permits repeat capabilities and instant auto-fire so players can maximize their winning.

With full range buttons and tilt sensors, gamers will definitely enjoy playing as it's like more alive. Making it more advanced, this Ps3 device is also provided with Built-in motors presenting a vibration feedback that everyone would surely love. For those conscious players who find hard to fit the controllers into their hands, this device allows a better fit as compared with other controllers so providing more convenience while playing.

With technology, gadgets don't stop developing. Now, players have the chance to build their own controllers according to their own preferences and style. These Modified Ps3 Controller makes playing more advantageous to the users as they can now be remodeled or customized based on the user's demands. Traditional is out! Today, gamers have the option to choose how they want to enjoy better in their games.

Modded Controller services provided by many companies are one of the in-demand offers that make gaming more real and exciting for everyone. Add-on mods can be adjusted and installed such as fast reload, sniper breath, jitter, drop shot, auto-burst, auto-aim and more. These Ps3 controllers can also be intended with different custom LED color and Thumbsticks. With more variation and innovation of advanced gadgets such as these, gaming would always be the best and modernized way of enjoyment for game addicts.