Explore Color And Sexuality

There is a lot of information about colors and the emotions they represent. Certain colors are associated with certain emotions, for example, red represents anger. But does a particular color have a beneficial effect on what you are attracted to? It is possible because your sexuality is oriented around your emotions.

Looking at what each color means, we can analyze how this color affects your sexual behavior. White in itself is a representation of purity. At weddings the bride often wears white, traditionally she must be virgin and wear white to show her purity and honesty. In some cultures it represents kindness, therefore it is carried on funerals within these cultures.

In love is white for loyalty. White is technically not a color, therefore it stands for purity because it takes light. Because it can change in any color, it has a sense as a good sign for new start. Sexually, people who prefer white are conservative. Because of the purity aspect, one could say that people who love white are shy to show public in public and dress under the covers. They would probably lose both before and after love.

Red stands against white. Red represents passion and heat. The color stands for all sorts of things in different cultures. In China, it is the color of prosperity and joy, while it can represent anger and violence in Western societies. Mars is a red planet and represented in many ancient cultures the God of War. Because of this long association with violence and aggression, red now represents danger.

In our own bodies blood is red, which brings symbols of life and vitality. Sexually the red lovers are often wild and explore different aspects of love. Two people who love red would probably be very adventurous.

Purple has achieved a mythical status in the color world. As a result, it is associated with mental fulfillment, it is said that people who benefit this color are sexually robbed. In color, purple is associated with peace of mind and royalty. It is the color of the magician's mantle and indicates magic. Sexually, as said, there is a myth for couple lovers. People who prefer purple are rumors to be non-fuss and have a very business approach to bedroom antics.

Black is generally associated with death, evil and the opposite of white. However, this is not always necessarily so. In native American culture, they thought black was a good color because it was the color of the bottom that gives life. There is also a sense of mystery for the color, which gives hope for potential and possibility.

Police psychologists have shown that the favorite color of most sexual offenders is black. However, this can not always be the case, as described above, there may be options for other attributes with black and sexual behavior.

Green is the color of healing, fertility and life. It is a generally good feeling color and has links to harmony and safety. There is a lot of balance and change with the color. Sexual, green people have a fresh and innocent approach to love. The emphasis is more on soft, faithful and reliable than passion (red is the opposite color of green).

Pink is usually described with love, beauty and romance. Looking at the actual color, it is very quiet, although it is the combination of two very strong colors, red and white. There is a general sense of tenderness, self-esteem and acceptance with pink. Sexually, the color is a bit of a plague. For women, pink is associated with femininity and can reveal that side to them.

Orange brings in the more red aspects. It is the color for strength, although it is also considered one of the healing colors. Enthusiasm and creativity come from orange, as well as thought and sincerity. There is a lot of warmth in it. As a color it is a kind of colored red when it comes to meanings.

Sexually speaking, Orange lovers are inclined to sexual fantasies. They also prefer a little prediction, which emphasizes. Most blue things, like the sky, the ocean, all have a calming effect from people. Because there is a sense of relaxation, people usually find their most inspiring moments while looking at blue. Sincerity and spirituality are also part of the color. Blue is also linked to friendship and conversation.

Sexual, blue brings consideration and sensitivity into lovers. They are concerned about the needs and wishes of their partner, which also means that they are loyal and loyal in the long run.