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Reform Gaming Habits with Easy Sharing from SmartPixel

Within the past five years the mobile gaming landscape has rapidly developed. From rudimentary games with simplistic mechanics, current smart phone games are innovative and challenging exploring new themes and genres while providing exciting and vivid experiences. Gaming is no longer bound to the couch of the living room or in front of a PC. Best of all, sharing your mobile experiences just got a lot easier. Smartpixel offers a free and simple solution to recording any content from any Android smart phone and sharing it online at a press of a button.

Take Control and Show your Gaming Skills with SmartPixel

For all aspiring online gaming personalities there is a new solution on the block. A powerful yet simple to use tool, Smartpixel is here to make it easy. Both a video screen capture tool and a video editor bundled together the software is designed to make the process of recording and editing your gameplay sessions as painless as possible. Running on both Windows and Android, Smartpixel provides its users flexibility to record all manner of gaming content. Best of all, it's free.

Aircraft Fighter 2D Review

It's a 2D fun shooting game. Its story of and gameplay is simple. The user has been given an aircraft to shoot down enemy aircrafts, which are coming from the opposite direction to destroy the user aircraft. While playing user can collect coins and hearts to increase the scores & health lost when hit by the enemy planes, picking up coins will increase user money but it is only for display purpose as there is no use of it at any place in the game for now but may be in the future version developers may provide something to do with the collected coins.

Are RPGs Becoming Extinct, or Just Transforming Into Something Else?

RPG games are changing dramatically these last few years, and there is a lot of speculation about where these changes are taking the genre on to - some of the critics claim that the genre is dying, others claim it is simply transforming while one thing is certain... the classic RPGs are becoming increasingly rare and the mechanics are getting a lot of fine tuning these days.

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