What You Need to Know if You Are Wondering How to Cure Asthma

A person with a family history of asthma has great chances of acquiring the breathing disorder. The problem may not be visible during infancy. But, as the person grows up, the symptoms can express themselves from mild to severe degree. While there is no cure for asthma, it can be managed easily with the proper medication and exercises. Although, there are a number of therapies which claim to be able to cure this disease. But, the truth is that no form of treatment or therapy can cure it completely. Nevertheless, the therapies can help the person to cope up with the effects of asthma attacks in an effective way. If you discover symptoms of asthma in your child, it is always advisable to consult with your doctor and opt for treatment immediately.

The first and foremost thing you should do is to identify asthma in your child. The main symptoms of asthma in children are as follows:

1. Persistent cough

If you child is suffering from a persistent cough and has started making a wheezing sound while coughing, there is high probability that your child is suffering from asthma. Many asthma causes match with the causes of other respiratory issues, however, the symptoms of different issues are unique.

2. Speechlessness and gasping

If your child is unable to speak anything after a bout of cough and is seen gasping for breath after the cough, you must get him/her checked up with a good ear nose throat specialist. It is no wisdom to delay visiting a doctor, especially when you suspect asthma in your child.

3. Leaning forward while coughing

If you notice your child to be leaning forward while dealing with a cough, it would mean that the cough your child is suffering from is really very strong one and can be asthma too. Your doubt can be removed only by the diagnosis of your child by any experienced physician.

Now, if unfortunately, your fear of your child suffering from this disease turns out to be true, your next concern would be how to cure asthma. You must know by now that this disease is a chronic breathing disorder and cannot be cured in the general sense. While saying this, modern science has made t possible to keep the symptoms under control so that you can enjoy your life. Make sure to have the prescribed medication at the right time and do breathing exercises and yoga regularly. Keep an inhaler handy and do try to avoid all the triggers of asthma if you can. In fact, you should teach your child what to do when he or she faces an attack of asthma.