Prostate Cancer Linked to Age And Lifestyle

One of the most commonly known cancers found in men all over the world is prostate cancer. The number of patients found with this disease continues to increase. For every 8 men, 1 will be most likely be diagnosed of prostate cancer.

Risk factors for prostate cancer

Doctors and scientist have discovered many factors that increase the risk for men getting prostate cancer.


It is highly possible that as you get older, your chances of getting diagnosed with prostate cancer increases. Studies and statistics shows that almost 60 percent diagnoses of all prostate-cancer is found in men above age 65. Although the statistics show age to be the biggest risk factor, it is not the only one.

Lifestyle and Dietary habits

If men are found to have high saturated fats in their diet, they are increasing their risks for developing prostate cancer. Although it is still unclearif a patients diet can affect the development of prostatecancer, several studies have been conducted which show limited evidences in favor.

Men that have certain eating behaviors and consume a lot ofdairy products or red meat are prone to have higher chances for prostatecancer. There are various studies that discourage the intake of high calcium diets, either by food or by supplements.


Many studies show that men who are obese could be at a risk for aggressive prostatecancer.


Although there is no substantial evidence for it, there are some research that shows smoking can be linked to the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Family history

It is found that about 20 percent of prostate-cancer patients have a family history of prostate-cancer. The genes along with certain lifestyle or environmental factors can be just what it takes to trigger prostate cancer.

Inflammation and swelling of the prostate

Researchhas also shown that if theprostate gland is inflamed, it could be due to prostate cancer. Although not always the case, the inflammation of the prostate could be due to any sexually transmitted infections.

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