Get Your Pregnancy And Newborn Exclusive Maternity Package Plans Singapore

Being pregnant is one of the biggest dreams of a woman. It is not only the journey of a man and woman but also of the child who is coming to this world as the joint effort of the couple. When you are having a healthy pregnancy then there is nothing to worry much as the doctor will ensure to take the best care for you from the day your pregnancy got detected to the date of the delivery. Every medical institute helps in easing the process of becoming a parent with quality services and absolute dedication. If you are in Singapore and looking for pregnancy insurance, cover for your wife who is pregnant with your child then you can avail AIA Baby Care plan which comes as a complimentary plan with maternity package within 38 weeks of pregnancy terms.

Your wife will get the chance to deliver your child in a peaceful manner in any of the participating hospitals. The key benefits of this plan include: This plan ensure to make payment for daily hospitalization benefit, for a period which ranges maximum up to 30 days, if in case the newborn need to get admitted to any neonatal intensive care Unit (NICU)2 because of any of the listed congenital illnesses. $500 will be covered per day basis and the length of the cover will extend up to 1 year starting from the date of birth of the child. To get the benefit of this plan the newborn need to stay admitted to the neonatal intensive care Unit for a minimum of 6 consecutive hours.

As already mentioned the newborn insurance will be active for claim starting from the date of the child's birth. You can read the terms and condition of these insurance very carefully before you take such plan for your newborn and partner.

You will be glad to know the fact that All participating hospital's having neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) are ready to offer specialized as well as advanced medical care for all infants with congenital issues in a secured and safe environment. The experts of the insurance company will also take a note of the fact if the admitted child is receiving the required treatment and care in the paneled hospital or not. To know more in detail about the features of this insurance package it is recommended for you to speak to the experts of the insurance firm.