Cholesterol Articles

Ayurvedic Medicines for Cholesterol - An Overview

With so many ailments affective lives of people, Cholesterol is one of most common problems found in many mid-aged people. Today, this disease has become a major cause of deaths in the world. When the cholesterol gathers in the arteries, their lumen becomes tapered and it restricts the blood supply to the heart. This gives rise to many serious heart diseases such as stroke. The reduction of Cholesterol can save you from many serious ailments especially associated with heart.

Eat Your Way to Lower Cholesterol Levels

One of the biggest problems people who suffer from high cholesterol levels have is how to manage their diet. Obviously some changes need to be made to what they consume on a daily bases, but it is usually a lot easier said than done. Fine, even if you work full days, preparing heart healthy evening meals is not impossible, but getting enough of the right kind of nutrition in during the day can be tough - especially if there is a cafeteria or vending machine at work. Since there are great lunch recipes that take almost zero effort to make and, because of certain qualities specific to some of their ingredients, can actually lower it, it is not un-doable, though.

Why is Balance Training is Important?

Every body hears a lot about the importance of keeping your heart and lungs healthy, but most of us never heard about how important is to keep our balance system healthy. The balance system includes all the senses in your body that tell how you move, the brain that engorge on putting the information together and of course the muscles that control the movement.

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