Disability Signs

Disability signs are something that most us won't fully appreciate unless we work at close quarters with a disabled person. Able body people take many of these things for granted and often pay little or no attention to them. However, if you are blind, partially sight or have another disability, these signs can often be vital and have a huge influence on your life. In fact, it is very hard to understand quite how important they are.

Most people will have at least some understanding of what disability signs are, but if you are unsure they are simply signs that are used to identify areas or additional services that are directly aimed at those with some impairment. For instance, this could be braille signs for the blind or partially sighted, signage for those who are hard of hearing, or to signify wheelchair access points. The signs that you will probably be aware of are hearing loops, access ramps and refuge points although there are a whole host of others.

A quality signage company that specialises in producing signs for the disabled will also produce other signs that are all targeted at making life simpler, not to mention safer for a disabled person. Obviously, these signs need to be practical and easy to recognise but quite often they are attractive too, therefore not causing any intrusion to able bodied people.

Of course, all signs that are produced need to be fully complicit with currents laws and legislation as there needs to be a common standard that everyone is familiar with. Often, these are internationally recognised signs so that regardless of where you come from, you will be able to respond, if required in an emergency situation. The laws that are in place are designed to ensure everyone's safety and this means making sure that no one is discriminated against.

Sadly, there are many companies in the marketplace who are simply looking to cash in on the disability sign market. Often they will produce inferior quality signs that not only look poor quality but are in fact illegal. It is important that purchase quality signs that are fit for purpose as cutting corners can result in stiff penalties. This type of signage is not expensive and it is your legal duty to provide it.

Obviously, if you need to install disability signage in your business you will want to know that everything complies with all the relevant rules and regulation. A professional signage company will be able to assist you with this and advise you not only on the signage that you require but also where it should be placed. This knowledge is extremely important and not something that should be underestimated. This is why it is important that you choose an experienced company that can give you peace of mind that you meeting all your legal requirements.