Online Reclining Wheelchair at Best Prices in India

Models from any wheelchair category (standard, transport, power, Folding, etc.) could be classified as a reclining wheelchairs, since the product class is built around one key feature: the capability to adjust the backrest and/or footrest into a reclined position. This feature is especially important to users who find it difficult or impossible to sit in a fully upright position, and users who sleep in their chairs frequently. For those that are looking for a more portable chair, however, products from this category may not be a great fit. When compared with a similar, non-reclining chair, a reclining wheelchair tends to weigh more and - unlike other manual models - manual wheelchairs that recline typically aren't foldable.

The Everest & Jennings Advantage is an affordable choice for a high-back reclining transport & folding wheelchair, with an exceptional discount as well. Where price is a major factor, the Advantage is definitely the best reclining wheelchair available. It has a built-in headrest, anti-tippers, full reclining capability and a 300-lb capacity. Your choice of lightweight reclining wheelchairs with headrests also extends to the ProBasics unit, being offered at a near 75% markdown.

Reclining Aluminum Wheelchair

with Head Support:-

All Reclining Chairs have head support. The head support section is removable to save space (height) when folding or transporting the chair.

Flexible seating allows addition of cushions:

Anyone using a Reclining & folding Wheelchair will benefit from using a cushion such as the Comfort Company Support Pro Cushion with Gel. Nylon and Vinyl Seat Slings, as found on these Recliner Wheelchairs become uncomfortable within a short period time and do nothing to protect or treat skin integrity. The Comfort Company also makes a fully padded adjustable back that works well on recliners for added comfort.

Flexible Back Positioning:-

Reclining chairs offer unlimited back re-positioning for more patient comfort, better blood circulation, and to aid in sleeping.

Works best with Elevating Leg Rests:-

Reclining Wheelchairs should use Elevating Leg Rests so the patients legs and feet can also be re-positioned for maximum comfort. On some chairs this is an option so be sure to check the options and accessories section of each product page.

Reclining Wheelchair Features:

So if you have an elder who's at the stage of just moving to bed to wheelchair and back, asking about a reclining wheelchair for your elder. It's not a luxury. A reclining wheelchair is just common sense.