DIY Methods of Effectively Eradicating Mold From Bathrooms

Mold is a fungus that grows in areas that have moisture. Mold development in the bathroom area gives an unpleasant and disturbing view along with odor. It is an awful sight to look at. It grows in filaments and spreads if it is left unchecked. Growing mold is considered a very dreadful situation for all homeowners, so it is recommended that you get mold remediation Taunton, MA services in order to prevent your house from its damage and your loved ones from any health issues that may arise. A bathroom is the most easily affected place by mold as it contains a large amount of moisture as compared to all other areas of the house.

Here, we have listed a DIY solution to prevent mold growth in the bathroom:

Apply Bleach as Required

The first step that can be utilized in the DIY solution is the application of bleach to the area affected by mold growth. It is harmful to skin and causes difficulty in breathing if spores are inhaled so it is recommended to wear a mask and glove to carry out this DIY procedure. Prepare a solution having equal proportion (50: 50) of bleach and water, stir it properly to get a well-mixed solution. Use scrub and apply solution thoroughly on the affected surface.

Rinse Effectively with Water

For effective removal of mold, first the area affected should be located. The hidden spaces that include backs of cabinets, under the sinks, and below and around bathtubs will be affected more due to the amount of moisture which offers a favorable condition for mold growth. So, it is better to use mask and use a considerable amount of water for rinsing after locating specified area.

Rinsed the Scrubbed Portion

This step is a result-oriented step for mold removal. Scrub the area and be fastidious while scrubbing the area with the help of bleach solution again and again. The mold will start to peel off after a small period of scrubbing. Repeat procedure in same order that involves scrub, rinse and repeat to get the desired surface of the bathroom instead of that irritating one covered with fungus.

Utilize Mold-Inhibiting Paint

If the wood is affected by mold, wall or any other surface that can be painted it is best and recommended to use a mold-inhibiting paint after the cleaning process. Antimicrobial additive paints are easily available in the market. To get the best result, apply a good coat on a specified area to get rid of mold growth.

Dry the Bathroom Area

Moisture is a breeding ground for mold, so it is recommended to use exhaust fans for proper ventilation during the removal procedure. It will ease in breathing and quickly dry the affected area during bleach cleaning. An absence of ventilation will make the removal process even harder to perform.

Mold removal is necessary for a safer and healthier environment within premises. It also protects the outlook of the premises. If the area is largely affected, then professional mold restoration Mansfield, MA services should be availed, especially if you are a living on Cape Cod.