Personal Behavior Modification

Athletic Competition has always been an intricate part of my short adult life. From High school competition to my short collegiate career. I played varsity football since sophomore year to senior year. I also was a bench player on the varsity basketball team and even ran on our tracks relay team. I was always pushing myself to compete and to beat others in everything I did. Following my senior football campaign, I was blessed enough to receive multiple offers to play collegiate football as a cornerback, I ended up accepting a full scholarship, to play at Lake Erie College up in Ohio.

My experience as a full time student athlete was a complex one, from the moment I came on campus I was competing for a role on the defense and to assert my dominance. I have always pushed myself to be competitive and strive for greatness which is why this project gave me a difficult task. It was a confusing time to find an outcome goal that would entertain me and also challenge me to actually push myself to the limit to be a better athlete. I was a burnt out college athlete after practices at 6am, 8am classes till 3, lifts from 5-7 and meetings until 11 then repeat. It was a rigorous schedule so which lead to being away from friends and loved ones but finding a regimen that challenged was not easy.

My personal behavior modification goal simply became to work out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while playing basketball Tuesday and Thursday for cardio. I believed this goal would be most beneficial for me considering that I am an ex college athlete, I wanted to challenge myself In other cardio events that would help me anaerobically. Also I believe this program would force me to become the athlete I once was, almost as a way to shock me back into what I was so used to for a majority of my life. This norm was pushing myself to limits so I would be great, to reach new heights and develop myself better. I feel as if the only way to feel like this was to get back to my old athletic form. This program did that for me in the short period I did it and will continue to do it.


During this program, I encountered many challenging setbacks that hurt my progress going forward. For example, I sprained my ankle Tuesday of week 4. It was in my third game of the evening and as I drove to the hole to attempt a layup, I took a strong step and it rolled. I immediately stopped playing and iced my ankle. Moving forward from this injury I had to take it easy on my workouts especially squats. I also didn't do cardio for a week to let my ankle recover so I could continue to play basketball later on in the program.

Confidence in this project was a huge setback as well. Since I was a burnt out athlete, I hadn't worked out intensely since stopping play, so my muscle endurance and explosion was not up to par. I felt very weak at first as I had to start with very light weight with high repetition to ease back into the workout regimen. Confidence is a huge factor in lifting because if you second guess your ability then you probably won't reach your goal. So I coped with this setback by simply reminding myself to trust the process, that in order to reach my goal I had to start from scratch.


Once I finally chose my goal, I set my routine up in the way that would best help me reach it. I used my old football workout because it was the most convenient and it was a football workout which meant it would work on explosive muscles rather than adding on pointless muscle. Monday work outs started with squats, RDL, Lunges, leg curls, and lateral lunges. Tuesday consisted with 2 hours of basketball cardio. Wednesday workouts consisted of push press, pullups, floor presses, trap bar shurgs, lateral raises and TRX T's. Thursdays consisted of hang cleans, deadlifts, glute ham raises, squat, and abs. I also integrated basketball for cardio on Thursdays because it was a leg day and I wanted to work on my endurance. Friday was the last day of workouts since the weekend were rest days, Mondays consisted of bench, Rows, Incline Bench, Reverse curls and Core work.

After every two weeks I would measure my max bench and squat to fully see the progress I was making. These max's consisted of one reps to see how much weight I could do. The progress was great, I managed to start my max at 225 on bench and I was able to improve my strength on bench to 265. On squat I managed to start at a measly 275 and I jumped up to 375. This process was a successful one even though it was a rigorous attempt at redemption.