Importance of Prenatal Screening

Prenatal testing is a series of tests that is usually performed during pregnancy to ensure it is progressing normal while ensuring that the child is healthy. These prenatal screening tests normally provide your risk or probability that a particular condition exists. While some are routine procedures, others are more specific to detect particular conditions or disorders. Alternatively, women who have a higher risk of having a baby with certain conditions are usually offered additional screening tests.

But the question remains, do these tests benefit you? Given below are few factors that determine the importance of prenatal screening:

Everyone likes good news, especially if it gives you your required peace of mind. In pregnancy, most of the prenatal screening tests will tell you that your pregnancy and your baby is developing normally. With the latest progression in technology, testing procedures are almost pinpoint accurate, reducing the chances of a false positive. While a positive result may appear on one of your tests, it does not indicate that your baby is definitely suffering from a certain condition. A further diagnostic test will be needed to confirm the disorder. If an abnormality is detected in your unborn child, there are benefits to knowing what steps must be taken before birth can occur.

If a prenatal testing and diagnostic test indicated an abnormality, you could address it in its early stages during your pregnancy. It is a big advantage being aware of the disorder before you go into labour, as it allows you to take action right in the initial stages. Since your baby is still undergoing growth during the pregnancy, undergoing a pre - birth medical procedure can correct the problem and naturally heal in the mother womb, where there is a high chance of survival.

Knowing you are expecting a child with special needs or a condition will allow you to prepare both emotionally as well as practically. During this time, you can research about the condition your baby is suffering from, or even consult specialists to get a thorough understanding of the subject. You can seek out counselling or look out for support groups that will help you get the support you need to go through the pregnancy and birth. It will also help you familiarise yourself with the right medical institute that will cater to any emergency that might arise during the delivery.

While regardless of the outcome of the testing and diagnostic tests, some conditions are not obvious at birth or even a few months later on. Without the right screening, you child may have symptoms that will take longer to determine and treat. Prenatal screenings will help discover the conditions early so that your child has the chance to receive treatment right at birth.