Reversing Hair Loss With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Did you know that an underactive thyroid gland is one of the leading causes in hair loss in women? Or that hormonal imbalances in both men and women can be a major reason why your hair seems to be getting thinner and less shiny every year? Our hormones are a big part of the health of our skin and hair, so it's often a surprise that so many people have never been informed of the connection.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

There is a way to reverse the hair loss that is caused by hormonal imbalanced. At Juvia Med Spa, we offer treatments that can replace these essential hormones with a product called bioidentical hormones. Our Forth Worth, TX, patients may not have ever heard this term before - basically, these are artificial hormones that have been created to be totally identical to your natural hormones. Molecule for molecule, these hormones are exact matches for your own body's product. This means that your body won't reject the hormones, and will respond to them as through it was your own natural supply of hormones.

How This Can Help Hair Loss

When your body experiences a balanced state of hormonal health, your totally wellness will be affected. Your skin will start to glow, your nails will be stronger, depression and fatigue can lift, and your hair will begin to grow more thickly. Bald patches will see fresh hair growth. All of this will happen in a fairly quick time period, because your body isn't adjusting to anything new. These hormones are just like your own, so results will begin immediately.

Which Hormones Are Replaced?

With this type of treatment, it may be necessary to replace thyroid hormones, estrogen, or progesterone. At Juvia Med Spa, we rely on pills, or pellets, rather than injections of hormones. If you have ever heard of estrogen or progesterone creams that can be used to help reduce menopause symptoms, you'll understand these pellets. They are very similar. However, our medical-grade hormone therapy is far more effective than these over-the-counter creams, and will offer faster results with longer-lasting success.

Our medical staff will monitor you during hormone therapy to ensure your total health and satisfaction. Consultations are free, so give us a call if you have any questions. We can help you regrow a beautiful head of hair, and reduce any other symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances.