Understanding Risk Factors For Heart Disease

Heart disease are also known as coronary disease or coronary artery disease. It occurs when arteries become clogged or blocked. When more than one coronary artery gets narrow, there comes difficulty for adequate blood to reach the artery. There are various other heart diseases with several causes and different symptoms. When the blood flow is totally stopped the result is a heart attack, as the starves for oxygen. Chest pain, heart attack and scar tissue are symptoms caused by heart diseases. Cardiac arrest happens when heart stops pumping enough blood around the body, brain, lungs and other organs. Heart failure arises when cannot provide sufficient pumping to meet demands.

Risk Factors for Heart Disease

There is no single cause for heart disease, there are various factors which increase the chance of developing it. The more the risk factors, the more chances of having a heart attack or stroke. Risk factors such as family history, age cannot be modified but some other risk factor like high blood pressure can be adjusted with treatment.

Risk factors you can't control: There are a few risks you cannot do much about.

Age - As you get older, the risk of heart attack increases.

Gender - Men have greater risk of heart attack than women do. Women's risk grows after menopause.

Heredity - If your parents, grandparents or siblings had heart attack, you are likely to cause the risk of attack.

Risk factors you can control: Some of the risk factors you can treat, control or mutate.

High Cholesterol - As the blood cholesterol rises, so does the risk of heart disease.

High Blood Pressure - It causes the workload of heart so as to thicken and stiffen the muscle.

Diabetes - It causes your body's blood-sugar levels to rise, causing increase in the risk of heart attack.

Smoking - Smoking and tobacco use increases risk of attack.

Obesity - Obese and overweight people have risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high blood sugar.

Stress - Your response to stress can increase your risk of attack.

Being Lethargic - Lack of exercise and physical activity is not good for your heart health.

Illegal Drug Abuse - Using drugs such as cocaine and heroin can trigger a spasm of your coronary heart disease which leads to risk of attack.

Cardiac Treatment in India

India has the best cardiac surgeons who have academically qualified. Cardiac treatment in India is cost-effective and cheap as compared to the developed countries. Low treatment costs and a high level of expertise helps patients from foreign countries with the trust in quality of service. Patients from faraway countries like Nigeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Uganda, etc. are visiting for treatments because cardiac treatment costs are way less here as compared to USA and Europe. Since cost is a major factor in decision-making for undergoing treatment, it is also important to find out the quality of treatments and procedures. Cardiac treatment in India is provided at an advanced stage with latest surgical machines and instruments. Cardiomyopathy, Valve replacement, Open-heart surgery, Angioplasty, Myocardial infarction, Bypass etc are surgeries which are carried out in India with minimum prices.

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