Different Methods And Techniques to Increase Height

Short people have inferiority complex as people tone them. People consider height as a part of personality. People with long heights are considered with full personality. In fact some jobs need specific height and people with short height will not be considered for that job which affects their self esteem a lot. People with short height have to suffer a lot due to their height.

There is a myth that height can be increased in growing age and it does not grow after puberty. It is a wrong concept. There are many people in the world whose height increase even in their thirties; you can be one of them if you follow some tips. Besides these tips there are many other options available to increase height. These options can be natural as well as surgical. We will discuss these options one by one briefly.


It is most common way of growing taller. In fact if you start exercise in your teenage, you will grow moderately. But if you start this after teenage, you will notice increase in your inches. There are certain exercises which you can do to increase your height. If you have joined Gym then your instructor will guide you other wise consult your health advisor. You have to take measures before starting exercise so health advisor suggestion is very important.


Another option for height increase is limb lengthening surgery. This surgery is based on the concept that bone can be regenerated that is know as distraction osteogenesis (bone development). This process is also used for correction of deformities. In this process variety of techniques are used like monolateral (one-sided) and circular external fixation devices. It is very successful process but still many people think that height can be increased by surgical means.

Height increase shows:

Many shows are available in market for increasing height. These shows have hidden soles which gives look of longer stature person. Few years back the shows were available with high heel which could be seen by anyone and people realize easily that that person is shorter in height and trying to make other person fool by wearing high heels. But now a days the shows are designed with hidden soles which no more can be seen by other people.

Besides above three methods, there are certain pills available for growing taller. It is recommended strictly that these medications should not be used without doctor's advice. There are some natural methods as well like adequate amount of sleep, proper diet, yoga and many sports activities are considered height increasing natural tools.