Amend Your Knowledge Regarding Ayurvedic Treatment And Home Remedies

A lot of individuals living abroad share a mindset that Ayurvedic remedies are the first line of defense for Indians. The reality is, however, exceedingly different. Be it suffering from cough, cold, or fever, we have grown used to visiting our local doctor for a cure. The funny thing is that in spite of visiting the doctor for the same ailment multiple times, the prescribed medicines are always different.

India is a country where Ayurveda was originated centuries ago. While people living overseas vouch to learn the precious knowledge of the herbs, we yearn for a quick solution without caring about the side effects that arise because of the usage of pharmaceutical or scientific drugs. A pack of Crocin costing twenty bucks may seem cheaper to an individual but it is foolish to overlook the negative effects of consuming that drug.

Thank heavens; the situation is gradually changing as people are getting frustrated by the rise in the costs of these medicines and the side effects they embody. The most disheartening thing out of all is that these drugs don't have a lasting effect as they fail to cure an ailment from the roots. This is one of the most primitive reason why people have again begin to take interest in Ayurveda and the traditional, multi-beneficial home remedies we have seen our grandparents partaking.

Like everything existing in this universe, Ayurvedic medicines come with limitations with major drawback being the process of healing takes a significantly longer time than those of the prescribed drugs. On the opposite, the foremost advantage of Ayurvedic medication is that it completely removes the ailment from its roots without causing any harmful side effects.

Moreover, Ayurveda uses the laws of nature to cure a person. As per the ancient men who discovered Ayurveda, the whole ecosystem constituted of five elements - Space, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. In humans, these energies merge to create Vata, Pitta and Kapha. An individual practicing Ayurveda can ascertain the cause of imbalances in a person's body.

Dr. Viney Khatri and Dr. Deepika are two Ayurvedic practitioners who have a vast knowledge of Ayurveda and Panchakarma. Apprehending plethora of Ayurvedic remedies, they share their knowledge and understanding of Ayurveda via a YouTube channel called Health Tips by Divyarishi.

Covering almost all the mainstream ailments ranging from Arthritis, Erectile Dysfunction to Dehydration, and stomach pain - the channel is a must watch for those willing to amend their knowledge regarding Ayurvedic treatment and home remedies. The channel is available in both English and Hindi language.