Sitting is Injurious to Health

Being in the world of automation, it has become so common to do our works sitting all the day and it has almost become unavoidable. Even after the work we relax by watching TV and using mobile phones. Everything we need comes to us and we need not run searching for that. At the end we regret about our disorganized health due to the sedentary life style.

Well if our work demands to sit all the day, we have to do so and we have no other choice left over. Before all it is our career. The biggest problem caused by the desk jobs is the health issues. The electronic appliances like computer, television, tablets and mobile phones which we use change our sitting postures and create musculoskeletal problems. Some of the health issues due to regular use of electronic gadgets are elucidated below.

Health hazards of sitting too long and regular use of computer:

"Sitting is the smoking of our generation" says Nilofer Merchant, lecturer at Stanford University. A research says that sitting too long can increase the risk of death. It can drop off the body's metabolism and can also increase the chance of heart disease. The important factor is that regular exercise doesn't have any positive effect on these heath issues. Thus the problem is not the physical activity. The problem is sitting too long for hours.

Another major issue is the bad posture and discomfort in sitting in the same position the entire day. This creates musculoskeletal problems like back pain, neck pain, numbness in shoulders, arms and wrists. The reason behind these complications is that we adjust our positions and postures according to the presence of computer monitor. These troubles develop over period of days, weeks, months or even years. Finally these vendures cultivate into a serious issue and becomes an obstacle for our work.

There is an ultimate solution for every problem:

The proverb "Only if there is a wall, can there be drawing" says the importance of health. Unless you have a good foundation, you cannot do your work with greater potency. So, to give your maximum potential in your work, you have to be healthy. If you are wondering what is the solution for this problem. We would say it is ergonomics.

The ultimate solution is "ERGONOMICS":

Ergonomics is the science of fitting in a workplace and greatly influencing the ease of human work. Technology is a factor which should bring the best out of humans and not to stress them with health issues. Ergonomics helps to achieve them.

The objective of ergonomics is to reform and recuperate the relationship between employees, work and the company by modifying the way of work. It improves the capabilities of the workers and hence it boosts the performance and efficiency of the work. Thus it helps to achieve the work-health ratio in a greater way. The most important factor is that the ergonomic products are cost effective.