Knee Pain Treatment In Ayurveda

Joint pains affect people all over the globe. Knee problems considered as normal after the certain age. While that is common knowledge, what is not is that knee problems are not always a product of aging bones. Instead, it can result from knee injuries, besides arthritis. The nature of the pain depends on the underlying cause. Patients report a dull pain in and around the knees or sharp pains in either of the knees. Dull or otherwise, sometimes, pain can really immobilize you if not taken care of. Parijatak - Knee Pain Treatment in Nagpur. Parijatak, a health center that uses Ayurveda to treat orthopedic problems has just the solution to relieve patients of chronic knee pain.

Understanding Knee Pains through Ayurveda

For years, practitioners of Ayurveda have closely studied the many kinds of knee pains. What came out of the study is that joint problems are chiefly of two broad kinds. If you have a growing pain in your knee with no preceding injury to attribute to, then it could be the outcome of low bone density. That happens when your bones, and as a consequence, your joints are poorly nourished. The mild pain and discomfort can deepen to permanent immobility, should you avoid seeking care. The second identified a cause of knee pain is toxic overload. It adds to the weight of the bone and stiffens it up when too many toxins are accumulated in the joints. Inflammation can result in pain later.

Knee Pain Treatment in Nagpur

A simple Ayurvedic knee pain treatment in Nagpur that has worked wonders for many is oil massage. The masters use lukewarm coconut oil to massage the affected knees. This works up the blood flow to the joints and relieves the areas from pain. Recommended ones are chingati satva & Parijatak leave juice. Milk and turmeric is another Ayurvedic potion that works spot-on for knee pains. again you can use dalchini & sunth as home remedies.

There are two kinds of joint problems in Ayurveda. The first one, Vata dosha is a disorder that evolves out of an imbalanced Vata or the central controller of the mind and body. Poor circulation, digestion, and metabolism are some of the major symptoms of Vata Dosha. Another cause of painful joints is poor orthopedic health that can be contributed by both low nourishment and arthritis.

Knee Joint Pain Treatment

Ayurveda has a holistic approach towards healing. In joint pains, the take of the ancient masters is no different. Ayurveda recommends people to take up a healthy lifestyle and dietary habit to counter bone degeneration. More than any particular nutrient, specialists recommend inclusion of all kinds of tastes in the diet because it helps. Your daily meals should have all the six tastes, namely, salty, sour, sweet, bitter, pungent and astringent. In addition to that, you should increase your intake of organic milk for the required calcium supply. Add to the current portion of vegetables by introducing kale, root veggies, kale, asparagus and such.

So, while an Ayurvedic clinic like Parijatak might put you on a diet. Additional therapies are also carried out to support the regime. Oil massage using fat-hen is one of the very effective Knee joint pain treatment methods. Sporadic application of fenugreek paste is another treatment. Anointing the affected joint with coconut oil and massaging periodically helps in relieving pain and promoting blood flow to the particular joint.

We all are suffering from pain in our day to day activity. It may body pain, leg pain, knee pain or back pain. Body pain, leg pain is commonly due to viral fever or overexertion. But knee pain and back pain may be severe if neglected and it leads to chronic disorder. Here I would like to explain knee pain.

Types Of Arthritis

Osteoarthritis - It is most likely to occur after middle ego. A progressive condition that slowly wears away joint cartilage. Is one of the major factor for knee joint pain

Rheumatoid Arthritis- It can occur at any age. It is an inflammatory condition causes usually due to saturated toxins in knee joint causes pain ( Amasanchiti ).

Post-Traumatic Arthritis- Develops due to injury to the knee. It may be injured due to meniscus, ligament, muscles bones or tendencies. this knee joint pain treatment is the only panchakarma due to vata & rakta is associated.

Gout - called as vatrakta starting joint pain from small joint and stuck to knee joints. and causes knee joint pain.

Factors of chronic knee joint pain -

Old age


Previous injuries to knee


Calcium deficiency and Vit D deficiency

Sprain and strain to muscles

Bab posture

Post-menopausal hormonal deficiency


Constant knee joint pain

Swelling of knee joints

Shooting and sharp pain when in use

Cracking sounds at the time of movements

Movements restrictions

Loss of joint space

Abnormal structure of knee joint

Difficulty in walking, limping due to discomfort

Treatment to Advised

Swedan -Hot formation with medicated steam facilities the movements of joint especially knee joint. It also reduces the pain & stiffness. After swedan, the cells get activated & flush the toxins away from the body. The cellular metabolism improves and rejuvenates the knee joints.

There are many types of Swedan:

Nadi swedan - when pain is limited to a part of body or single knee joint then it is used. It is carried out by boiling of drugs like rasna, Aranda, dhashmula etc.

Pinda Sweda - the bolus of churna or Patra are formed & then heated over a pan or dipped in boiled decoction and apply over affected part of knee joint by gentle rubbing. The churna or Patra used in this treatment had analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties.

JanuDhara - the medicated decoction or oil poured over the affected parts of a knee joint in the stream along with gentle massage & stroke.. This is very effective in vata , pitta & rakta dushti. It provides strength to muscles & tendons.

Janu vasti - medicated oil poured in a pool like structure for a fixed duration of time over knee joint. knee pain treatment in Nagpur. It causes the oleation of a knee joint. it reduces pain & swelling of the knee joint.

Pichu - the sterile gauze is dipped into medicated oil & kept for some period of time over an affected area. This provides nourishment to bones muscles, tissue & knee joint. it will prevent the further degeneration of knee joints. it helps in healing of cartilage.

Njavarakizhi - giving treatment by boluses njavara medicine with a decoction of balamul to give the strength to knee joint to reduces the vata and increasing the stability of knee joint.

Njavaratepa - is medicinal fomentation with njavara instantly applied and removed to increase nervous strength for a knee joint.

Lepanam - Application of medication paste over the affected knee joint. The paste is allowed to stay for some period of time. Hot or worm application of lepa done.The lepanam had antiinflammatory & antianalgesia property.

Elakizhi - The boluses of medicinal herbs for increasing circulation, reducing vata & strengthen with alignments of a knee joint. knee pain treatment in Nagpur

Podikizhi - The boluses of dry choornas of medicinal herbs for reduces Vata and amasanchiti ( toxins ) of a knee joint.

Jalukavacharan - Application of leech over the affected area. Leech suck the impure blood and secrets the enzymes into the body through saliva causes reduction in pain & inflammation of knee joint.

Basti - Basti is the best treatment for Vata Dosha. Medicated oil & medicated decoction strengthen the joints & soft tissue, rejuvenate the tissue & eliminates the toxins from body hence healing mechanism occurred faster in a body.

Virechana - elimination of doshas through purgation. it pacity the pitta, kapha & Vata doshas.

Abhyantar chikita ( Internal Medicines )- like abhyantar Sneha pan means administration of medicated ghee or oil causes internal oleation of a body.

The medicines like kaishor guggul , yograj guggul , mahayograj guggul , dashmul kwath ,rasna saptak kwath, ammrutadi guggul, yogendraras,bruhat vatchintamani,etc used for internal use.

These varieties of treatment give results in any condition of the patient up to the age of 95 yrs old patient, I had already treated from the age of 20 yrs to the age of 95 yrs thousands of patient successfully.