High Demand Of Erectile Dysfunction Pills On Valentine

Chicago Mens Health Clinic, a leading city-based men's health clinic, has revealed the reports that they have find the demand of mens erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments and related its generic drugs goes up in the lead up on Valentine's Day.

Over the past two months the clinic has seen a 200% increase in inquiries about ED medications. Reporting call supporting staff clicks the numbers of customer on this valentine week goes on high demand as per short survey organized at that moment and all are exciting to go with the erectile dysfunction pills on the coming occasion.

Survey results clearly indicates that mostly 70% of men will planning to celebrate this Valentine's day, and goes for purchasing ED drugs only for that occasion. It brings the great impact on the purchasing of ED pills medication into the market or on the online business irrespective of even all are cause affected from erectile dysfunction or not.

Generally most men need a good healthy lifestyle with their partner and partner a major source of satisfaction but unfortunately with their partner is always comes to an end when you are not capable of doing well due to not good your lifestyle and health. Due to that men life get bad impact from this ED issues.

Here are the detail survey results reports as mentioned below:

Dr. Henry Wales, Chief Medical Officer of the Chicago clinic, twitted on this survey reports that: "It is not the first time on valentine occasion; people are normally feeling pressure about the performance with their partner on valentine day celebration. People are not coming directly to the clinic and booked apparently ED Pills from any online pharmacy website or near drug store. High Demand usage of ED products is considerably lower or minimal health checkup and goes for the direct purchasing from any pharmacy online website or from the nearest drug store without has any prescription or prior doctor advisory. It is now clear the fact that people are more aware about the ED medication and its safe usage."

Erectile dysfunction can be caused or exacerbated by several factors are Diabetes, Neurological condition, Hypertension, Atherosclerosis, Hormonal disorders, Smoking, Excessive alcohol usage, Obesity, Lack of physical regular exercise. Some of the symptoms after taking the ED medication are Depression, Stress, Low Self-esteem, anxiety. People already taking alcohol, Antidepressants or Tranquilizers should avoid this medication without the medical expert's knowledge.

ED medications are completely oral medication and take with the glass of water and men should comes in action around 1 hour once aroused with their partner. Initially dosage value should depend on your health checkup. So doctor consultation always plays an important role in life. These medications have some serious side effects also.

About Chicago Mens Health Clinic

It is based in the beautiful location of park near leading famous healthcare hospital and it was well established in 2004 and almost they treated 15000 men affected from the erectile dysfunction, Clinic doctors treated with the high class therapy and care with the prescription ED pills, and check the proper men ejaculation disorders, human genital health, natural hormonal health and fertility Issues. All heath checkup and meetings result and appointment with the recommended doctors including prescription medicines information kept secret and never share with the outsider. Patient can call anytime to their doctor in any condition and all are helpful in nature.