Advantages of Export Documentation

Documentation is a critical means of communicating information from one person or organization to another, and also works as permanent proof of tasks and actions undertaken throughout the export process. Export documentation is not only required for your business goals and that of your business ally but also to meet the customs authorities in both countries and to facilitate the transportation of and payment for goods sold.

Uniformity of documents

The preparation of commercial and regulatory documents made more accessible when Master document updates. The reports align to one another. Moreover, all the materials printed in the same size of paper. The standard item's information on documents has uniform positioning, for instances signatures at bottom right references top right, shipper top left and much more.

The element of convenience

ADS have made it simpler and convenient to complete and process export-import documents. It is possible to use the Master documents as common positions used for data items. Using a photocopier, it is possible to prepare a large number of reports.

Overall benefits

When documents comply with UN alignment standard, it expedites the realization of payments on export bills. Materials processed quickly, the cost reduced & mistakes removed.

Less Transportation Time

Customs approval at the country's ports is a cumbersome method. Besides, if the container is subject to Customs Border Control's detailed inspection, there will be the additional delay in concluding the clearance procedures. Triangular transportation helps to dodge this hindrance. Thus this is especially important for those companies dealing with perishables and other value volatile commodities.

Lower Supply Chain Price

Foreign-to-foreign freighting decreases supply chain cost by saving the freight rates and excluding clearance charges at the country's port.

Supply Chain Efficiency

In triangle transportation, the complete logistics from the port of packing to the final port of discharge handled by a single point of contact, which is your freight forwarder, hence optimizing the supply chain efficiency. Improving efficiency when Aligned Documentation System adopted by export firms it certainly enhances the corporate image as the office efficiency multiplies. It is very simple to check alignment document. Office staff dealing with export documents learns about the details in various reports without difficulty. Their training on the job becomes simplified.


One of the main advantages of export is the ownership advantage which is specific to the firms' international experience, asset and the ability of the exporter to either develop the differentiated product or low-cost product within the values chain. A joining of investment risk and market potential is known. The location benefit of the particular market combination. To maintain the core competencies within the organization and to stitch it throughout the country without retaining the license, business or outsourcing is the global advantage in export.